How To Do A Bat Headband. Halloween DIY

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More we’re getting closer to Halloween, I feel that weird inner emotion (more specifically it’s like a ball of fur in my upper stomach) I felt whenever there was something big coming up. Like exams, special events, holidays… (that and getting one step closer to my due date which makes me a world more emotional than d’habitude)

Anyways, what I wanted to say was that I loooove holidays. All that theme – madness around Christmas and everything else makes me relive everything through the eyes of a child, with all that fresh, innocent emotion! I’d even make myself this Bat Headband for the occasion! Because I love special holidays and I love headbands! So, my daaahlings, if you’re with me on this one, please do click through for a Do It Yourself Bat Headband quick guide!

Halloween Bat Headband DIY

What you need is a headband, biensur. Then black paper, scissors, glue and wire (black) and the template below. Two sheets of black paper stacked and folded in half, place the template on fold, trace and cut – now you’ll have two nice black bats ready to be wired! Poke a hole in the center of one bat and glue the other one on top (yes, now you’ve got the wire in between). Now you can either wrap the other end of the wire around the headband (which can prove bumpy for the wearer) or make a hole in the headband and then, once you’ve finished adding all the bats you want and made all the wire holes you needed, place a comfy padding to cover all the holes and wire ends.

halloween bat headband closeup

Either way, this is all you need in order to achieve a perfectly bat head for Halloween! Come to think of it, replace the bats with snow stars and you’ve got yourself a wonderful Christmas themed headband. Isn’t it wonderful? (via)

Bat template Halloween

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#1 Danielle Farrell on 10.21.20 at 3:40 pm

What gauge is the wire?

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