32 Fashion Designers Dolls For Charity

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Are you fascinated with fashion and fashion designers? Are you already caught up in the ‘giving spirit’ of the Holidays? Here’s a little something to get all involved and fashionable at the same time!

Frimousses de Createurs is a fashion charity project in partnership with UNICEF. For 11 years, fashion luminaries got crafty for charity, trying to offer their modest help to the children of Darfour. In 2012, 200,000EUR (approximately $271,000 at current exchange rates) have been raised and used to vaccinate the needy. This year, they’re asking for a new record. Let’s see what they have to offer!

42 ‘Createurs de Mode’ are listed on the official cause website but a couple didn’t submit their work by the time this story has been written (Louis Vuitton and Jerome l’Huillier). Next to them, the joined efforts of 3 jewelers, 7 designers, 35 contemporary artists will try to raise as much as possible for the humanitarian cause.

Until the actual charity action takes place (December 2nd 2013 at the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, all the creations are on display on a public exhibition at le Petit Palais, starting November 26 until December 1st 2013, Paris).

Among the 42 dolls, I included here 32 for your consideration. 32 Fashion Designers Dolls for the good cause. Some of them are creepy, some of them are endearing. But that’s the designers vision about this year’s Parisian theme. Let’s see them and then pick a favorite and discuss the initiative, should you feel like it!

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Muneca Paris doll

a taffeta and lycra doll with wonderful colors inspired by the lights of Paris. This doll would actually translate successfully as a mass-produced actual toy.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada doll for UNICEF

Anne Fontaine Parisa doll

the tulle dressed doll with satin corset and ring matching the pearls pompon on the shoes was inspired by the Tour Eiffel.

Anne Fontaine doll for Unicef

Anne Fontaine Parisa doll for Unicef

Chacok Mademoiselle Lili doll

a lovely doll with long, blond hair under a black beret and polka dots scarf looks so chic!

Chacok Mademoiselle Lili doll for Unicef

Chacok doll for Unicef

Chanel par Karl Lagerfeld La petite Coco doll

for some reason, this doll was actually made in 2010, unlike the others which were all made this year, for the cause. Is Lagerfeld trying to recycle something he did for another cause? Hmmm…

Chanel par Karl Lagerfeld Petite Coco doll for Unicef

Chanel par Karl Lagerfeld doll for Unicef

Chantal Thomass Paris, c’est une brune doll

looking like the Tour Eiffel, this doll has a metal body and pink taffetas silk lingerie. Pretty daring but suitable for a lingerie designer.

Chantal Thomass doll for Unicef

Christian Dior Isis doll

is one of the most couture-ish dolls in the collection. She’s wearing an evening dress and leather flowers in her raven black hair.

Christian Dior doll for Unicef

Christian Dior Isis doll for Unicef

Coco&Forget Me Not Paris by Night doll

inspired by Josephine Baker, ironically made with a Caucasian Barbie doll body and face (remember Josephine Baker’s surname was ‘la creole’), this is a doll with a bag-skirt made of leather.

Coco Forget me Not doll for Unicef

Comptoir des Cotonniers par Amelie Capdeville French city girl doll

this is the Parisian fashion silhouette par excellence. Wearing a leather jacket and a lovely printed dress, she has her legs warmed by a pair of knee high socks.

Comptoir des Cotonniers doll for Unicef

Dice Kayek Poupee Eiffel doll

is yet another doll inspired by la Tour Eiffel with an impressive dress embroidered by hand on an organza base. The multitude of hematite and ancient-looking silver make a stunning impression even in the pictures!

Dice Kayek doll for Unicef

Didier Parakian La Belle Marjorie doll

brings back a piece of charming history with her French lace and silk dress and Swarowski decorations inspired by the lights of Paris.

Didier Parakian doll for Unicef

Dolce & Gabbana Agata doll

for some reason, the Italian designers reduced one of their catwalk models to a doll stature and dressed her in a red lace with red crystal stones. Then they attached a fancy explanation to it, saying that: ‘only by knowing your past and traditions, can you build your future’. Got it?

Dolce Gabbana doll for Unicef

Dolce Gabbana doll for Unicef inspired by catwalk collection

Elie Saab Mila doll

was inspired by the Haute Couture Spring Summer 2013 collection of the designer (at least he’s plain open about it, unlike Domenico and Stefano above). A beautiful, delicate wedding-like dress with crinoline in white lace. The floral embroidery was made with silk thread.

Elie Saab doll for Unicef

Elie Saab doll for Unicef inspired by catwalk collection

Emilio Pucci by Peter Dundas Pucci Girl doll

another doll inspired by the catwalk presentation. This time it’s the fall winter 2013 collection as Peter Dundas’s doll is wearing a beaded t shirt with otto print, high cuissard boots and a zebra belt.

Pucci doll for Unicef inspired by catwalk collection

Georges Hobeika Madeleine doll

embroidered with silk thread, pearls and crystals, Georges Hobeika’s doll looks like Marie Antoinette.

Georges Hobeika doll for Unicef

Georges Hobeika Madeleine doll for Unicef

Gilles Dufour Nini Peau de Chien doll

while I’m still trying to figure out the doll’s name (which literally means Lili Dog Skin), I can’t help but admire the ‘rock en roll’ approach of this creation. Doesn’t she look joyful and happy?

Gilles Dufuor doll for Unicef

Gucci Charlotte doll

adding a beret and a scarf around the neck, a Tour Eiffel print or accessory is enough to relate to the Parisian charm. Gucci’s heart print wardrobe for little Charlotte is charming, though.

Issey Miyake dolls for Unicef

Issey Miyake Mesdemoiselles Kokeshi dolls

these are definitely my favorite dolls from the lot. They’re smiling, looking happy, they’re wearing bright outfits. They’re two ‘young Japanese friends who venture in discovering Paris’. Feisty little fashion things!

Gucci doll for Unicef inspired by catwalk collection

Jean Paul Gaultier Yvette doll

while I was expecting a bit more from a French designer (clothing-wise), I’ll have to settle for the idea: a musician doll with an accordion and a polka dots scarf! And oh, that red hair! Show-gorgeous!

Jean Paul Gaultier doll for Unicef

Jean Paul Gaultier Yvette doll for Unicef

Jean Claude Jitrois La dame au Camelia Rouge doll

this is something Tilda Swinton would wear – actually, this looks like Tilda, doesn’t it? All dressed up in leather and Swarovski crystals!

Jean Claude Jitrois doll for Unicef

Lanvin par Alber Elbaz Edith la Parisienne doll

a handmade effervescence with embroideries and pearls, pink roses covered dress, Edith is a coquette who ‘hates the word cool but loves the word love’. And shopping, I might add!

Lanvin doll for Unicef

Lanvin Edith doll for Unicef

Loewe Lolita doll

proudly wears her Flamenco leather bag and her patchwork outfit.

Loewe doll for Unicef inspired by catwalk collection

Maison Lesange par Hubert Barrere Mademoiselle Vendome doll

this is a complex work of fashion and art inspired by both a movie – Buñuel’s Belle de Jour (from 1967, the film stars are Catherine Deneive and Jean Sorrel) and a Parisian landmark: the Place Vendôme.

Maison Lesange doll for Unicef

Max Chaoul La Parisienne

the delicate creation made of porcelain is wearing a bride dress Haute Couture Max Chaoul. The designer is creating for the cause since its beginnings so he wanted to mark this special occasion with a special doll (although porcelain/china relates to a wedding’s either 2nd or 18th anniversaries).

Max Chaoul doll for Unicef

Missoni par Angela Missoni Amelie Poulain doll

what a charming inspiration for a lovely, happy doll! The designer was inspired by the fabulous world of Amelie who was, coincidentally, all about ‘doing good to those we don’t know’. Very suitable!

Missoni doll for Unicef

Amelie Poulain inspired Missoni doll for Unicef

Miu Miu Rhianna doll

is a catwalk doll, wearing an outfit from the Fall Winter 2013 Miu Miu collection.

Miu Miu doll for Unicef inspired by catwalk collection

Paule Ka Paule Ka doll

a little aristocrat with her vinyl cape with precious fur looking more a Russian princess than a chic Parisian girl.

Paule Ka doll for Unicef

Prada Julia doll

just like her little Miu Miu Rhianna sister, Julia is also wearing a look from the catwalk, the fall winter 2013 Prada collection. Button eyes and French details – the noir beret, the red lips – make this wee one a Parisian!

Prada doll for Unicef inspired by catwalk collection

Princesse Tam Tam Josephine doll

although you’d be incline to believe the name and the look reference Josephine Baker, thus making the Coco&Forget Me Not wrongs right again, the doll dressed all in black looks pretty dull for the ‘crazy Parisian nights’!

Princesse Tam Tam Josephine doll for Unicef

Serkan Cura Couture Celine doll

a porcelain doll with a catwalk replica from the Haute Couture fall winter 2013 collection, as worn by Alexandra Ruda Kova.

Serkan Cura doll for Unicef

Serkan Cura collection inspired Unicef doll

Sonia Rykiel furry doll

this looks crazy. But crazy good. With silk, marabou and rhinestones!

Sonia Rykiel doll for Unicef

Stella Cadente La Poup’Eiffel doll

wearing metallic leather, feathers and silk and climbing a metal Eiffel Tower makes just the right Fashion sense it should! For this doll is a fairy. The Parisian fairy spreading the magic of the City of Lights.

Stella Cadente doll for Unicef

Yulia Yanina Marusya doll

a classic. Velvet and silk come together in a graphic combination to sustain the good Unicef cause.

Yulia Yanina doll for Unicef inspired by catwalk collection

(the images included here come from the Unicef’s website frimoussesdecreateursdotfr, styledotcom, imdbdotcom and the designers’s respective websites serkancouturedotcom, yaninafashiondotcom)

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