Which Of CK’s And Frame’s Jeans Collaborations Is Truly Iconic?

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Two denim collaborations, each unique and iconic in its own way present themselves as the upcoming fall’s most interesting ‘new’ jeans. Which is truly representative and which pales in comparison with the original, let’s find out!

22 years have gone by since the 90s model sensation, Kate Moss, first appeared in Calvin Klein advertising campaigns, posing with nothing else but Calvin Klein jeans & underwear (next to Marky Mark, no less). This fall, Kate’s younger sister, Lottie Moss, is going for the crown (again) with an ad campaign for CK’s collaboration with Mytheresa.com.

iconic denim collaborations for fall

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Lottie Moss CK Re Issue campaign 2014

The collection, aptly named ‘The Re-Issue Project’ , is not only proposing some of the 90s era denim hits (like Kate Moss’ boyfriend jeans) but also Brooke Shields high-waist skinny jeans and a handful of tops and jackets with the infamous CK logo. Lottie Moss is there to help too: a young, rebel gaze, Kate the Great’s aura and the appropriate marketing could actually make this project work…

Lottie Moss CK campaign Kate Moss throwback

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Kate Moss sister reenacts Calvin Klein campaign

The other iconic collaboration involves a contemporary cult denim label, Frame, and two very talented and appreciated photographers: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, in short Inez & Vinoodh. This new foray into design joins two earlier projects: jewelry and fragrance. Designed for both men and women, this new Frame collection will be available through Barneys NYC and Net-a-Porter for $218 and $238:

‘The Inez is my idea of perfect, classic jean. It’s slightly higher in the back of the waist and lower in the front because I love low-waisted jeans, but every time I’m shooting, I sit down on a box to get a different angle, and they fall so low. Everyone’s behind you and you’re completely exposed!’

Inez and Vinoodh advertise for their Frame jeans collection

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A mélange between skinny, bootcut and boyfriend tried ‘on everyone from Freja Beha Ericksen to Lara Stone, and it works.’ Freja is actually the star of the campaign (and Paul Ritchie guitarist for The Parlor Mob rock band), next to the photographers/designers who wear their own product and keep assuring everyone that they’re amazing.

Inez and Vinoodh Frame denim collection

A very personal take on a widely loved and worn item. The owners of Frame denim declared that the idea Inez & Vinoodh came with was so original that they’re certain the new products will be highly successful. So which one of these two collaborations is going to be a hit?

Freja Beha Erichsen Frame Inez and Vinoodh Inez jeans campaign

as a special bonus, the star of the Calvin Klein Jeans Fall 2014 Ad Campaign, Lara Stone, returns with an amazing post-baby body and takes all the advertising glory on her shoulders!

Lara Stone CK jeans fall 2014 campaign

Lara Stone Calvin Klein jeans Fall 2014 ad campaign

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#1 Adriana V on 07.28.14 at 11:13 am

As far as I know it’s how the cut of pants has to be done, higher on the back. That’s what I learnt. After all jeans are pant’s right? ;) And that’s why Levi’s once great ‘cut for girls’ were fantastic to wear. Nothing new here as usual with all these “designers” except for the price tag I’m afraid.

Lottie Moss is a cute girl but light years away from her famous sister.
As much as I like Lara she and that model can’t beat Kate and Marky Mark Wahlberg. The male model doesn’t look manly enough to me but who am I?

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