Rihanna, Miley, Emma, Christy & More Covering March 2014 Fashion Magazines

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Once a month or so, I do my newsstand roundup and that’s one report I know you would enjoy as well! Because I’m going through some of the classic but also some titles you’re least accustomed with.

I’m looking forward to spring and all the fashion awakening it brings. From paper magazines to street style, I’ll be hunting novelty and inspiration. More or less mainstream, let’s March on:

Rihanna US Vogue March 2014

Far from being a joke or even the slightest style-challenging, Rihanna is Vogue US’ covergirl. For the third time. It’s hardly newsflash, but March is Oscar month, so my expectations were flyin in Hollywood’s directions – perhaps Lupita N’Yongo?

Rihanna Vogue US March 2014

Anna Wintour already waved her fairy wand for this Spring when she gave the February 2014 cover to Lena Dunham, the most fashion-interesting TV phenomenon since SATC to present days… Not without its fair share of mainstream-by-retouching as Jezebel pointed out the before and after photos of Lena…

Rihanna Vogue US March 2014 photos

images from Rihanna’s Vogue US March 2014 studio pictorial

See also: Rihanna’s first Vogue US cover!

Miley Cyrus Love Spring 2014

Photographed by David Sims, Miley puts on a pouty profile for Katie Grand’s Love magazine’s 11th issue, the one dedicated to the Spring-Summer 2014 season’s official newsstand.

Miley Cyrus Love magazine Spring 2014 cover

Miley Cyrus and her unconventional punk haircut on the cover of Love Magazine’s latest issue

Six other covers were edited and published as well, one more love-unworthy than the next: Cara Delevingne photographed by Drew Jarrett where Cara is doing little else but sticking her blue dyed tongue out; Kate Upton by Nigel Shafran, Georgia May Jagger for Kenzo by Jean-Paul Goude, Lily McMenamy by Juergen Teller, Rila Fukushima by Nobuyashi Akari and a black rose and a pink rose by Inez&Vinoodh.

Love Magazine Spring Summer 2014 limited edition covers

six more alternative covers are available for the Spring Summer 2014 issue of Katie Grand’s Love

Emma Watson Wonderland March 2014

This a typical double cover face-off issue with Emma Watson looking like a princess in one and like a lost in vintage translation doll in the second cover.

Emma Watson Wonderland magazine princess cover Spring 2014

Emma Watson looking like a lovely princess on the cover of her guest-edited Wonderland magazine issue

The entire issue was guest-edited by Emma herself while the tiara cover was photographed by Christian Oita and the retro one by Kerry Hallihan (there’s an editorial piece inside, titled ‘The Bloom of the Wallflower’ in which Emma Watson is answering question from Derek Blasberg, below here’s a quote from it)

Emma Watson Wonderland magazine guest edited Spring issue cover

Emma Watson pretty in Prada on the cover of Wonderland magazine as guest-edited by the actress herself

‘I feel like I’ve been given a lot of credit where it isn’t due that I don’t like to party. The truth is that I’m genuinely a shy, socially awkward, introverted person. […]The minute I get pregnant, the first thing I’m going to do is cut my hair off because I know I won’t be working for a time. If I wasn’t an actress, I’d keep it that way. […]a fashion show? It’s more intense than a movie premiere. Sometimes people ask me why I don’t go to more shows, but to be honest I’d rather watch it on the internet. Fashion is this massive, huge industry, which I like to dip my toes into. But it’s not my industry.’

Christy Turlington Burns Vs. Magazine Spring 2014

A wonderful minimalist cover that keeps growing on me every time I look at it. Again. and again! In Vs.’s sweet style, more covers were made for this Spring Summer 2014 issue, all of which I would treasure owning and framing for selfish display enjoyment in the privacy of my own home!

Christy Turlington Vs Magazine Spring 2014

fabulous as always, Christy Turlington Burns looks back at us from the cover of Vs. magazine

See also: Vs. Magazine continues to deliver quality fashion issue after issue!

Helena Christensen, Julianne Moore, Emilia Clarke, Stacy Martin and Soo Joo Park look fabulous, just as Christie and I’m certain the inside content is anything short of fabulous!

Vs Magazine Spring 2014 covers

more alternative covers for Vs. include Helena Christensen, Stacy Martin, Soo Joo Park and Emilia Clarke

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Harper’s Bazaar Australia March 2014

A collaboration made in fashion heaven, Rosie, Carine Roitfeld and Karl Lagerfeld came out horribly in print! That’s what happens when one loses style integrity and just bets it all on a namecard!

Rosie Hungtinton Whiteley Harpers Bazaar Australia by Lagerfeld

the newsstand and the subscribers cover for Harper’s Bazaar Australia don’t flatter Rosie Hungtinton Whiteley’s model qualities

A perfect example to illustrate one of the most tasteless fashion magazines products ever to be created. A blunt aesthetic both childish and as tasty as a beach sand cookie that is so Lagerfeld, it makes me cringe just thinking of the inside content! Both the newsstand and the subscriber covers are enough to keep me away for my own fashion sanity’s sake.

Rosie Hungtinton Whiteley by Karl Lagerfeld styled by Carine HB Australia

Rosie Hungtinton Whiteley styled by Carine Roitfeld and photographed by Lagerfeld for Harper’s Bazaar Australia March 2014

Sofia Coppola Vogue Italia February 2014

This is one of the best fashion magazines issues I’ve ever laid eyes on! But this happens ever so often with Franca Sozzani’s edited Vogue, I feel redundant for writing yet another praise on Vogue Italy’s wall of fashion media glory!

Sofia Coppola Vogue Italia February 2014 cover

Sofia Coppola as photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia’s February 2014 cover

Steven Meisel photographed Sofia Coppola for a fun, iconic and very individual pictorial (I mentioned it when I wrote the trendy sneakers piece earlier) styled by Karl Templer.

Sofia Coppola Vogue Italia February 2014 pictorial

Sofia Coppola looks fabulous, cool and relaxed in the February 2014 issue of Vogue Italy

Sofia Coppola by Steven Meisel Vogue Italia

outtakes from Vogue Italia February 2014 issue’s Sofia Coppola cover pictorial

But there’s so much more to this February issue than Sofia that I decided to include it in my March magazines story because I feel I couldn’t digest the entire content in just one month’s time! This issue’s influence and inspiration stretches way beyond the calendar rivets! Oh, and by the way Anna, here’s how Vogue-worthy Lupita is:

Lupita Nyongo fabulous Vogue Italia February 2014

the amazing Lupita N’Yongo posed for Vogue Italia’s February 2014 issue


#1 Ellington on 02.06.14 at 1:17 pm

The magazine of this bunch that I am thinking of getting is the Italia Vogue! I love lupita and to see Sophia Copolla on the cover is a really refreshing celebrity change. They look great!

#2 Appollonia on 02.06.14 at 3:40 pm

Ja, I’m with you Ellington, all the way.

Love it to see WOMEN instead of girls so beautifully portrayed. :)

#3 Jack on 02.11.14 at 11:40 pm

All the magazine covers are beautiful. My personal choice likes Lupita the most. Looks realistic!

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