The Distressed Jeans: Pre Ripped Vs Wear And Tear

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Let’s discuss ripped jeans for a moment! Let’s pretend we’re sipping on a cup of coffee or tea one rainy morning and chatting the drops away, we’re debating the issue of pre-ripped jeans against the good ol’ wear and tear.

If anyone asks, I’m a jeans girl at heart. The jeans issue only becomes debatable when summer temperatures rise up and the call of linen gets to me. And although I pledge for simplicity, the pair of jeans I trust completely will have to get me through rain and storm, through bloated days and willowy days just as comfortably. Do you have one like that? Then you must have a magic denim or something, that’s shrinking and dilating in the blink of an eye!

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I used to have that magic kind of jeans. And I bought them when I was barely pregnant with my eldest son. That’s not like… ages ago, it’s only 13 years ago. Yet, although it was a pretty common brand (Gap), I realized as my trusted jeans were falling apart 2 years ago, I could not find the same cut within the brand’s offerings. Where to go, how to find the same jeans I was feeling perfectly comfortable in, any given day? Another brand? Another cut from the same brand?

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Not to say I wouldn’t wear my favorite pair of jeans even if they were ripped beyond words. I just say that there are occasions where a pair of ripped jeans is better left at home. Next to the yoga pants. Cause that’s what they basically are – a pair of yoga jeans. The jeans you put on and feel as relaxed as doing a yoga stance. The ‘favorite jeans stance’.
Wouldn’t you say?

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Long story short, I was waiting for this pretext to jump up from my chair into the first boutique to find my next pair of loyal jeans. I carefully folded my too-ripped pair of jeans and away I went, in a wild chase. Even now, years after I released my inner jeans monster, I still come back home empty handed. I no longer find that cut. Nowhere. I only find pre-ripped jeans that look too worn out to be new, destroyed denim that you would normally attribute to a charity shop or to hand-me-down items rather than big fashion labels.

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When did this ripped denim madness started anyway? And how come I feel left out and marginalized just because I want a pair of jeans that isn’t already ‘distressed’?

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I want a pair I can wear and tear myself. Don’t you? A pair of jeans that’s so comfortable and nice, and versatile that you end up ripping through the simple wearing process? Am I asking too much? Am I turning into an old-schooler, fashion-wise?

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Tell me about your favorite denim experience! Call it a yoga session, a tea talk, whichever suits you – bring out that faithful jean discussion out in the open!

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