The 5 Nail Polish Colors Every Girl Should Own!

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I’m all about optimizing and filling the basic wardrobe needs and then let the creativity run wild and free, come up with amazing new combos from what I already have.

Already talked about the bags every woman should own, about the essential cold winter footwear… How about the 5 nail polishes every girl should own? Spring is officially here, it’s time to step up on every little beauty (and more) gesture! Polish those pretty little nails is the least you can do!

5 nail polishes every girl should own

Some of you already know – and witnessed – my extended passion for all things nails. Therefore it may sound surprising, coming from someone with a large library of tiny colorful bottles of nail lacquer, that it can all be reduced down to an essential of only 5 nail polishes that should really be in every beauty bag (the base coat and the top coat are not part of that essential 5):

Silver glitter top coat

If there’s just one glitter you need to have, then make it silver! Whether you’ll opt for chunky big glitter or tiny, holographic glitter, that one top coat can change everything! Paint it on the accent nail (which is usually the ring finger nail) or over neutral polish, red or black or even dab it in a gradient on the classic French and it’ll be all the sparkle you need to make your nails look like fresh out of the beauty salon!

silver glitter nail polish must have

examples of silver glitter nail polish

Crisp white nail polish

There’s one way for the white polish – and that is the classic French tips. Essential for any French manicure, the crisp white tips will instantly make your nails look sophisticated and high maintenance without it necessarily be the case.

white nail polish must have

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examples of classic french nails

Black nail polish

Because there’s only so much French and neutral nails you can wear! Every once in awhile, a touch of rock, a bold, strong black manicure goes wonderfully for the wild nights out and for days when you want to rock more than you want to look girly.

black nail polish must have

examples of black nails

simple, dramatic black nails can make a real style statement Muxe (left) and Mynailpolishdiary (right)

examples of black and silver nails

Red nail polish

Going way beyond the reach of Christmas days, the bright red nails are a fashion statement per se. A simple way to show you’re a woman, proud and brave, not afraid to wear your flirty nails! Just like black nails, red nails go best on shorter nails. When your nails are longer, think of more subtle, classic manis like neutrals or French. They’re already long, thus drawing attention to them, there’s no need to paint them a solid, strong color to make them look claw-y.

red nail polish must have

red nail polish manicure

examples of red nails and silver glitter

silver can really compliment the classic red nail polish (right, nails from MyDailyVarnish)

Light pink, natural transparent neutral nail polish

Depending on the natural skin tone, you’ll need a nail polish that’s very similar but with a slight pink, beige or white tint. For those days when you’re feeling pretty or inspiration just doesn’t add up on the nail front. A natural, neutral manicure is all you need to look fresh but careful about how you build your appearance.

natural neutral nail polish must have

neutral nails zoya opi

examples of nails with neutral polish and silver glitter

silver glitter & neutral nail polish make a wonderful match (right from APolishAddict)

examples of colored tips french nails

creative French nails with red tips (Manicurator) and black tips with glitter (WinkandBlush)


#1 Ellington on 03.29.14 at 1:08 pm

So pretty! : )

#2 linda on 04.03.15 at 7:42 pm

Hello,how do I order glitter nail polish?

#3 kpriss on 04.05.15 at 11:59 pm

Hi Linda! (I have a soft spot for glitters as well!) I only wrote this piece as a guide for those who are just beginning in the nail art and don’t feel too sure about the basic content of their nail polish stash and although I included many lacquer brands in the pictures, I do not sell them as ‘Stylefrizz’ isn’t an online boutique :-) however, if you use the contact form below ‘contact the editor’ , I could help you further with names of online shops I personally use to buy my nail polish.

#4 Jane on 05.19.15 at 1:40 pm

Hi :) Do you know what the silver glitter on the tip of the nails is in the first picture? Think this manicure would be perfect for prom :D

#5 kpriss on 05.21.15 at 1:49 am

Hi Jane! Yes, you’re perfectly right: it’s gorgeous for a festive occasion! The silver glitter tips were painted with OPI Crown Me Already!

#6 Violet on 09.18.15 at 1:33 pm

The OPI neutral color, what’s the name of it?

#7 kpriss on 09.19.15 at 1:22 pm

Violet – it’s from OPI’s Soft Shades Collection: called Hopelessly in Love!

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