No More Wedge Sneakers, Said Isabel Marant! 3 Stylish Comfy Shoes To Replace Them!

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Whilst admitting that sneaker with concealed wedges were the absolute secret weapon against high heeled shoes nightmares, we’ll have to come to terms with the facts that they’re not as fashion-crowd exclusive and as stylish as they used to be. Now everyone and their mother has a pair from any you-name-it brand! (Nike’s wedge sneakers are a sellout success!)

Even Isabel Marant, she who started all this wedge sneakers madness, is bad-mouthing her own creation and its viral hold on fashion: ‘I don’t wear them [the wedge sneakers] as often as I [used to] because I see too [many bad copies] in the street.‘

Fashion Alert! It’s time to forget the wedge sneakers as even Isabel doesn’t wear them anymore! Click through to discover the 3 pairs of replacement shoes you need to get over wedge sneakers!

Isabel Marant wearing her sneakers

Derek Lam Maxine Wedge Booties

If you’re absolutely hooked on Isabel Marant’s Willow sneakers (or affordable lookalikes), Derek Lam’s Maxine leather ankle boots with concealed wedges is what you need to make a decent, fashionable transition to painless fashion looks.

wedge ankle boots Derek Lam Maxine

Chloe Plated Heel Wedge Pumps

For a dressy version of the wedge, the wedge pumps are ideally dressy and comfy and not only they look good but they also offer the support you might miss from the uber-popular wedge sneakers. These, of course, are the grown-up version of a comfortable type of footwear that not all of us can wear on daily basis…

wedge pumps Chloe

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Fashion Sneakers

You take your pick. Any sneaker brands out there offers a girly-fashionable version of their sports shoes that, in the light of the recent runway discoveries, can make really stylish footwear for any and all haute occasions! Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci worked with Nike for a sneakers collection, Karl Lagerfeld and Raf Simons designed sneakers for their respective Haute Couture Spring 2014 collections. From New Balance to Adidas, there’s a little something for every taste. Print and colors, the designers of sporty footwear challenge themselves and the audience with trendy, fun and fashionable finishes for everyday wear.

fashionable sneakers Adidas New Balance

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#1 Shae on 07.01.15 at 11:24 pm

If Isabel Marant said they’re going out of style, then why would she keep bringing them back in every collection?!!! She even renames each sneaker! C’mon, this post is irrelevant!!!

#2 kpriss on 07.03.15 at 9:07 am

She keeps bringing them back because that’s what’s expected of her and she has to pay the people working for her – so if wedge sneakers still sell, it’s not to put it on her or still hope that the style is as hot as it was 3-4 years ago. On the contrary – while back then you’d only see models and fashion hotshots wearing them, now you can see literally anyone and everyone climbed atop of some hidden wedge sneakers!
…and once that happens, well… the sneakers in question become irrelevant!

#3 Adriana V on 07.07.15 at 4:19 pm

Isabel Marant is overrated. Though I like her persona, I think she sells to high priced repetitive crap. Just my opinion. :)

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