Models Favorite Sneakers: Isabel Marant Willow Sneakers

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I know you’ll think I lost all my fashion good sense and style politeness, but do mark my words – sneakers can save you a lot of feet trouble! And when you can do that in absolute style with the highest fashion approval, why think twice?

I’ll tell you why: because as pretty and as fit they’d look on a model, there’s a high chance these beauties won’t look the same on you! (on me, and the entire human race. Other than models. Biensur) Isabel Marant Willow Sneakers seem to be the models favorite sneakers. From seasons past, at least.

The $760 fashion sneakers are no longer available online, according to Modelinia (I heard you can get them for as high as $1,000 on ebay) and it’s safe to call them the Birkin of sneakers! Waiting, hunting lists have been made and the said shoe is the Holy Graal of fashionistas out there! (I’m guessing you’d have to own at least one in every color available to prove your passion for fashion, huh?)

Models Favorite Sneakers Isabel Marant Willow Sneakers

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