Easy DIY Chanel, Dior Couture Sneakers For Less!

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I love it whenever I get a subversive idea about sweet fashion hacks: quick, easy totorials on how to replicate designer fashion items in the privacy of your own home. Feeling crafty? Scroll down!

The Haute Couture season is full of stylish ideas and promises of overwhelming style. The sneakers sent down the runway by Lagerfeld and Raf Simons were the very inception of a Frizz DIY project! I presented the footwear yesterday, in a compelling, image-heavy story. Now it’s time for our interpretation of Haute Couture Sneakers! Because although I passionately love and everyday wear my sneakers, they’d look fabulous after a crafty makeover!

Easy DIY Guide Fashion Sneakers

Again, what you need to remember is that I desperately love fashion and have the utmost respect and admiration for the designers and everyone involved in bringing those fabulous fashion drawings to life! However, I’m a passionate crafter and my glue gun is only getting rest when I’m sleeping! Just kidding.
…sort of!

Simple DIY Chanel Couture Sneakers for less

So here’s a quick, simple way to replicate the fabulous Couture Sneakers seen in Chanel Spring 2014 Couture collection.

For the DIY Chanel Couture Sneakers you need:

1. a pair of white sneakers with mesh inserts from Nike (available here)
2. a handful of white lace craft flowers enough to cover the entire sneakers ($7 for a 4pc/set)
3. tweezers, glue gun

Optional: two strands of white tulle (or any transparent fabric) to replace the traditional laces on the sneakers. Or you can simply cover those with flowers too, that’s entirely up to you! Basically, all you do is plug your glue gun and just drop a bit of glue, then place the flower with your tweezers. Repeat that until the entire sneakers upper are covered in flowers!

Simple DIY Dior Couture sneakers for less

Since we’re at it, here’s the quick, simple how-to guide for the Christian Dior Couture sneakers seen in the Spring 2014 collection.

For the DIY Dior Couture Sneakers, you need:

1. a pair of black water shoes (like the ones here)
2. a handful of tiny colorful craft flowers (72 pcs in a $11 pack)
3. tweezers, glue gun

Plug your glue gun, place tiny droplets on the surface of the shoes and then you place the tiny flowers with your tweezers. Repeat until you have reached the desired look! Isn’t that fun?

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If you use this DIY to create your own pair of couture sneakers, please share your experience and photos of the craft, I’d be delighted to upload them in this story!

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