Dare To Wear Little Or No Makeup Like Jennifer Lawrence, Adele, Diane & More

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We’ll always love Red Carpet reports but also makeup-free sightings of our favorite famous stars! I’ve been talking so much about glamorous events that I needed some cooling down with a story of natural beauty!

Jennifer Lawrence Minimal Makeup For Dior Ad Campaign She’s been getting so much attention and she’s been given so many roles, that it’s hard to believe Jennifer Lawrence is only 23-year old! Her latest ad campaign for Dior seems to be betting it all on the youth card!

Jennifer Lawrence Dior 2014 ad campaign

I’m embracing the look and the significance of her newest campaign since it plays on the natural youth&beauty of an actress who can play a wide range of theatrical emotions (from the action-packed Hunger Games to the drama-loaded Silver Linings Playbook).

Jennifer Lawrence Miss Dior Spring 2014 ad campaign

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Patrick Demarchelier photographed the new set of marketing pictures from Jennifer’s third collaboration with the Christian Dior maison. Her hair is short, just like we’ve seen her wearing it lately and the style is slightly undone. Jennifer has a charming look, an aura we can all relate to (which can also be one of the most significant beauty trends of 2014, here’s Elle Japan February 2014 cover with Jennifer Lawrence to support that idea)!

Jennifer Lawrence Dior Elle Japan

Diane Kruger beautiful without makeup

We’ve talked about Diane and how lovely she looks with or without makeup and this time is no different: I admire her confidence and her natural beauty while she was out shopping for groceries and wearing her boyfriend’s cardigan (Joshua never looked so amazing in that cardi anyway! Wink).

Diane Kruger without makeup boyfriend cardigan

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There’s nothing wrong with going bareface out in the world. From Dakota Fanning to Adele or Rooney Mara, our famous ones show us that not only it’s possible to ditch the makeup pancake look but they’re also inspiring us – who are far from looking like movie stars – to embrace our natural looks and grace.

stars with little or no makeup Rooney Mara Adele Dakota Fanning

Just a touch of mascara and, depending on how rough the nigh has been on us on how little sleep we’ve had, illuminator and a hint of blush will do! Here’s a quick tutorial on obtaining a natural look in no time:


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