Affordable Wedge Sneakers From Nike Now Available

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Say that leading an active fashionable life was the birth premise of those coveted wedge sneakers (Isabel Marant Willow sneakers, anyone?).

However, paying a handful of hundred bucks for a simple pair of sneakers wasn’t in my cards anytime soon – how about affordable Nike Wedge Sneakers, then? Nike Dunk Sky Hi (wedge) sneakers can be yours (if they haven’t sold out yet) for only $120! Now even Jennifer Love Hewitt can play tennis in all fashion & safety!

Nike Wedge Sneakers

UPDATE: clearly on the path to financial success, Nike’s wedge sneakers continued to develop and expand their aesthetic palette. Everything is carefully planned and kept under the $200 threshold for any and all season footwear.

New Nike Wedge sneakers boots

The concealed wedge heel disguised in the quintessential sports/city footwear has become a staple in ladies wardrobe worldwide for a couple of years already, so it must be an option worth exploring. At least.

wedge sneakers boots new collection

Repeatedly reviewed with 5 out of 5 stars, Nike’s Dunk wedge sneakers continue to be the most recommended affordable option when it comes to the new fashionable wedge sneakers. Unless Converse starts heightening and concealing their heels, I’d say that Nike is the store to go if you want to get in line with the latest sneaker fashion.

Nike Dunk wedge sneakers tan

new Nike wedge sneakers grey zebra

Nike Dunk wedge sneakers silver gray

Don’t forget more and more celebrities opt for Nike wedge sneakers. So let’s not make it just about affordability and perhaps include the trend-ability factor into that under-$200 equation, huh?

Celebrities wear Nike Wedge Sneakers

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