Beyonce Is GQ’s Sexiest Woman Of The Century!

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Interrupting our beauty sleep in preparation for this night’s first 2013 Red Carpet event (that’s People’s Choice Awards, in case you’re wondering…) for a special news bulletin: GQ put Beyonce on top of their ‘100 sexiest women of the 21st century’ list.

And on their February 2013 cover as well, according to a recently Twitter – viral cover leak.

better look at Beyonce s GQ cover It’s a great cover, honestly, and I cross my fingers for it not to have been photographed by Uncle Terry (looks like his style a bit, doesn’t it?). And she sure looks all kinds of hot in this barely surfaced image!

Also – congrats to Beyonce for her newly received title. You just can’t have too many (titles. Or covers)!

Oh, and talking about 2013 events: the second Inauguration ball is taking place January 21st 2013 with, traditionally, Beyonce singing. The National Anthem!

Adding to that cover and honoring her Pepsi contract (which she famously described in the vicinity of amazing, enabling her to be herself as a performer – insert all kinds of question marks and exclamations and other amazement symbols asking if only Pepsi is able to do that), Beyonce will sing on the Super Bowl halftime stage. More: she’s inviting 100 fans to join her (who should submit their pictures until January 11 – so you better hurry up!).

Beyonce covers GQ sexiest woman of the century

Now if you ask me, her GQ thingie is part of a clever marketing plan meant to upraise the viewers interest for Queen B who spend more time with her family in the last two years than she did on stage, performing. Super Bowl appeal coming right up, with a GQ cover on one side and a ‘sexiest woman of the 21st century’ title on the other! But since nothing will ever be publicly confirmed, let’s just naively enjoy Beyonce being honored as the century’s sexiest woman. (I guess all the other titles were already taken, huh? What’s next? The Galaxy’s sexiest woman?)

Beyonce Super Bowl promo


#1 Allison on 01.10.13 at 3:22 am

Last I heard Beyonce is African-American….no photoshop here then!

#2 kpriss on 01.10.13 at 7:00 am

ummm… I actually left Photoshop out of this :)

#3 Elkissa on 01.12.13 at 7:12 pm

I briefly saw this on TV the other day and thought the scandal must be because they put her name on the cover and a picture of someone else instead LOL funny..i really was convinsed it is a picture of someone else.

#4 Appollonia on 01.17.13 at 1:14 pm

The s*xiest woman of the century? No way. She showed up during the ’90’s…there are 9 other decades before her! Or this century until now? I’m a tad confused?
And to reveal that when she’s scared to make love to her husband she needs to listen Rick James’ Make Love To Me? That’s too much info. not s*xy at all. She’d better listen to Jodie Foster’s speech. And reveal less of her thoughts and body. Perhaps than she’s less scared and boring…..well, to me this is boring.

Anyway, she’s a great performer and very beautiful but pleazzzzz….

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