New Year, New Celebrity Obsessions!

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Stepping back from the gossip front lines has its perks. For one – your brain goes from the squishy stage to a blossoming one, when you discover you have so much free space you’ve been filling with crappy information and now it’s available for useful stuff!

And two – you get a wonderful, new perspective on all things gossip! Like this quick one I wanted to share with you, see who’s with me: people always obsess over the famous ones’ intimate lives! Whether they do it by trying to find out what they’re eating, drinking, putting on, befriending, where they’re going to the gym, where they’re going on vacation, who they’re sleeping with and that produces offsprings and so on! Latest: Beyonce pregnant (maybe), Kim Kardashian pregnant (possibly), Cameron Diaz married (definitely), Blake Lively gave birth (absolutely). (I could also include Megan Fox and Hayden Panettiere sharing pictures of their kids, but let’s leave the wee ones out of trouble. For now.)

happy new year 2015

So how is that affecting our lives? Knowing that this or that celebrity is having kids or is getting married or getting un-married – Gwyneth’s cover of Marie Claire where she famously opens up about her divorce from Chris Martin must’ve been a best-seller! Not to mention the British dream team Keira Knightley – newly pregnant and Benedict Cumberbatch – newly married who were photographed together for the upcoming W cover! Are we projecting our lives onto theirs? There was a time when I too was happy to read another famous ‘baby bump’ title – back when I was pregnant myself, overwhelmed by hormones and pregnancy wardrobe demands.

January gossip headlines

There was a time, back in the internet beginnings, when I was searching high and low for wedding pictures to find inspiration for my own wedding. Now I’m looking for catwalk inspiration, to translate in my own wardrobe. I’m looking for interior decorations ideas to adopt in my own home – and sometimes sharing my DIY projects with you!

2015 first covers Gwyneth Cumberbatch Keira

What is it we can take away from finding out who’s pregnant or who’s getting un/married? Let’s make 2015 a gossip-free one! Let’s free ourselves from obsessions and follow topics we can learn from – what are your thoughts for the New Year? (images instagram, preserve, dailymail, marie claire, w magazine)


#1 Ellington on 01.07.15 at 8:09 pm

I am all for a gossip free 2015!
Because I do not really care who is pregnant, or who is engaged or who got married.
This stuff happens all the time and it just is part of the process.
So in saying that I wish you and your loved ones Kpriss a very happy fun, gossip free and stellar 2015! : )

#2 Adriana V on 01.15.15 at 2:54 pm

Hmmm…….yes, let’s stop to gossip but also to worship these people. Good idea. And let us take it a step higher, do not gossip or talk about someone in private either.

So here’s to a gossip free 2015 then. :)

#3 kpriss on 01.16.15 at 12:28 am

What should we talk about next? <3

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