To Bey Or Not To Bey In Vogue US March 2013?

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Since it’s still labeled with ‘rumors’, I can’t say for sure that this image, although highly sophisticated even for Bey’s standards, is certainly from next Vogue’s pages! But it surely keeps making the rounds of the interwebs for some hours already!

Countless speculations place Beyonce on the March 2013 cover of Vogue US while this image below could be part of the cover pictorial, as signed by Annie Leibovitz. Again, all is but water under the rumors bridge!(this is a leaked image of what is believed to be an official Vogue pictorial – hence the poor ‘unofficial’ quality)

Beyonce Vogue leaked photo

It sure looks like something Annie would do and the moment is cleverly picked as Beyonce seems to be preparing some kind of ginormous comeback after her baby time out. Part of that comeback scenario is her Super Bowl halftime performance for which she keeps rehearsing and posting images on her website. I guess after this weekend (Super Bowl XLVII us going down this Sunday, February 3rd in New Orleans) we’ll know for sure. Until then, all we have is sweet speculation: to Bey or not to Bey in Vogue?

Beyonce Super Bowl promo

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#1 Appollonia on 02.03.13 at 12:06 pm

Live Nation leaks a poster for Bey’s upcoming tour: The Mrs. Carter Show – World Tour. The background looks very similar to the one at the poster.
The photo with the beanie is from the rehearsals for the Super Bowl. There were also photos of Bey without make up and that beanie: I would leave the room if she walks in au natural: even more beautiful!! Really, that woman is blessed…….

I am going to watch the Super Bowl at last. I have no clue about the rules of the game but it’s the American phenomenon I like to see live for once. And to see Bey’s show :)

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