Holiday Fashion Inspiration From Chanel, Tiffany, Topshop

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Halfway through November most of us already know how the end of the year is going to look like! On the slopes, under the discoball lights or in the cold streets watching the fireworks, pretty much everyone wants to kick off the new year in style!

How is fashion helping us? With ideas and hints about the style and trends, the overall atmosphere you should be adopting for a successful Winter season festive season! Starting with Topshop’s Holiday 2014 campaign fronted by Cara Delevingne.The picture of fun and playfulness, Cara shows her too-cool-to-party face in the latest advertising campaign for UK’s giant fashion retailer Topshop as photographed by Alasdair McLellan. However, just in case you didn’t know what to wear for the end of the year festivities (or you want to know what everyone else will wear), opt for:

cool fashion inspiration for the cold season Tiffany Topshop Chanel

what to wear for the Holidays party Topshop sequins ad Cara

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1. Something Sequined Be it a jumpsuit, a top, corset or a dress/skirt, a sequins overload is de rigueur for a great party fashion moment. It can come from Topshop, your wardrobe or Granny’s attic, sequins never go out of style.

what to wear for the Holidays party Topshop gold ad Cara

2. Something Golden A skirt, a dress, a bag, catch the sunshine in your outfit by wearing something yellow-gold for the New Year’s Eve party!

What to wear for the Holidays party Topshop fluffy ad Cara

3. Something fluffy Whether it’s a hem or a scarf, a throw or a bolero, there’s nothing to hint at snow and delicacy more than those fluffed-up, cotton candy details! Use with moderation, though, to avoid a snowball finish!

What to wear for the Holidays party Topshop retro  ad Cara

4. Something retro The real deal or some borrowed sixties aura, it’s cool to be retro right now. Take the sixties or the seventies, the Golden years of fun, fashion – let yourself go and get into the groove, your look will most definitely be a hit!

What to wear for the Holidays Party Topshop campaign Cara Delevingne

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What to wear Holidays Party Topshop campaign Cara Delevingne

As far as the makeup goes, Chanel is betting on a classic bright red combo: lips and nails with silvery eyes makeup. A classic beauty do, it’s accessible, ageless and compliments pretty much every complexion. Vanessa Axente looks flawless and fabulous in this new Chanel Holidays Campaign.

what makeup for the Holidays party Chanel Ad Campaign

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For a note of whimsy and a real festive aesthetic, Tiffany&Co’s Christmas 2014 ad campaign with Valeria Garcia is everything you need! A cartoon-ish, fairytale atmosphere will definitely charm you, even for the shortest moment, getting you immersed in the freezing heaven of Winter Holidays with a little help from the sparkling Tiffany jewelry.

Tiffany Co Holidays 2014 ad campaign

The associated short animation is just as magic and even if we can’t hold on to more inspiration besides the beautiful bling signed by Tiffany and the overall blue-ish looks and atmosphere, we can always remember to keep love and cheer in our hearts for any season, not just for the special Winter Holidays weeks!

Tiffany Co Christmas 2014 ad campaign

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Christmas 2014 ad campaign Tiffany Co

enchanted Christmas ad campaign Tiffany 2014

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