Warrior Shoes From Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2014

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If you’ve always enjoyed the strange, unusual looks and the daring constructions of Alexander McQueen’s shoes, the Spring Summer 2014 collection designed by Sarah Burton will most certainly become a reference in your footwear fantasy book!

Like fighting against the general trends suggested for the SS14 season, the house of McQueen staged a geometrically graphic show on the Paris Fashion Week scene spiced with warrior allusions. The usual fetishy hints, the always stunning care for details and the couture-ish level of craft invested into every outfit make the maison’s shows a must-stop in my fashion musings travels.

The models, although keeping their neutral expressions, were dressed like warrior fashion princesses, untamed and undefeated, protected by their own style shield. The helmet-like headwear, the feathered skirts and capes, the jewelry and especially the footwear – they all made me think dearly about Terry Gilliam’s Fisher King movie.

Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2014 collection influences

Bits and pieces of a long lost dream, concealed under a thick sheer shell of marvelous composition and loving dedication for all things fashion. Sarah Burton, Fashion Queen, the rightful heir to The Fashion King, Lee McQueen’s throne.

Alexander McQueen SS14 fashion show

Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2014 collection details

The derelictuous value of the Spring Summer 2014 buckled sandals from McQueen would make a wonderful case study for any fashion passionate. Transparent and colored, opaque plastic, metal and exotic leather all combined into a glorious piece of footwear puzzle that looked like they had a life of their own. A story of their own.

sandals Spring Summer 2014 Alexander McQueen

And such is the case with all the shoes from Alexander McQueen’s collections. Season after season I’m adding yet another step of fashion tale, another layer of fantastic fairy tale to the McQueen style book. Over the years, I noticed that few are the houses that still preserve the spirit of couture alive and thus it’s a real privilege to witness such wild creations catwalk after catwalk, honoring Lee’s memory and our love for fashion. (images courtesy styledotcom)

McQueen sandals Spring Summer 2014

shoes Spring Summer 2014 Alexander McQueen

Spring Summer 2014 sandals Alexander McQueen

amazing sandals Spring Summer 2014 McQueen

buckled sandals Spring Summer 2014 McQueen


#1 ana on 10.12.13 at 4:30 am

The intrincacy of the work is really phenomenal but I didnt like this collection. And I say it with pain in my heart. I dont like the colours ( i detest the mix red & black)neither the sillouete.I dont remember a single collection of him which I didnt like, EVER!
I am curious to see how it will translate to the show room.

#2 Appollonia on 10.14.13 at 9:25 am

Me neither.
These shoes are horrible, ugly. Ewwww…..
I said it before and I say it again: look at the feet of the models. Look what these buckles do the toes!
Oh wait, it’s art of course. ;)

Sweet, gorgeous and comfortable Fiorucci sandals I miss you so much why did I let you go? :((((

#3 maureta on 12.03.13 at 2:10 am

no more wonder,, alexander mcqueen always stuns us with beloved unusual design of pairs .. I do loving it

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