Perfect Ten: Alexander McQueen Fall 2013 Royal Catholic Collection

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You asked me, in absolute righteousness, why, although praising the wearable virtues of some collections presented during the Fashion Week and dismissing other for the same reasons – not being too wearable or street – appealing, why I was ecstatic, season after season, about the McQueen house’s designs!

And here I go, with this new Alexander McQueen Fall 2013 collection in mind, trying to put it all together and see why I fall for McQueen. Each and every time, without fail.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2013 collection perfect ten

It wasn’t always like this. There were times when I was fed up with Lee’s enfant terrible fashion antics and I wanted it all transformed into a more accessible, wearable fashion. Until one day when doing more research and learning more about the house and what it stood for, I realized it was the perfect showman. His collections were the perfect fashion shows. Because they were just that: shows!

It was actually for the same reasons that I used to like John Galliano’s work. Creativity, show, couture! As long as it has a belt, as long as it looks like a conventional dress’ silhouette, as long as it emphasized the feminine spirit, I’m on it. Although I constantly wear pants and black clothes from head to toes, 80% of my dresses are pink. Or in the immediate vicinity of pink. Go figure!

shoes fall 2013 Alexander McQueen

So you see, I’m all emotional and very impressed with the shows delivered by the house of McQueen because it appeals to my inner Marie Antoinette. I’m a princess. At heart. And as I am evolving, personally, so do my fashion preferences: life is like a box of chocolates, after all! (wink)

Remember Anna Sui’s collections and how happy and giggly I am about them as well? Or Carolina Herrera? Vivienne Westwood? Even Tom Ford! I used to have a crush on Temperley London as well!

white fall 2013 Alexander McQueen collection

Now – just a few words about the McQueen fall collection – it is the main reason / pretext why I started this. Sarah Burton’s undeniable fashion genius is more and more obvious with every new collection. Her soft, feminine vision gets to me every time. The Fall 2013 collection, comprised only of 10 pieces, was as exquisite as a couture show, with intricate beading, elaborate embroideries and sublime lace details.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2013 collection detail

Being pregnant (with twins) and approaching her due date as well as the Fashion Week scheduled presentation, Sarah Burton sent out 10 models walking for Alexander McQueen Fall 2013 and wearing pieces reminiscent of Catholic clerics intricate and opulent wardrobe. The girls were stunning fashion queens, caged in their bedazzled protective masks, with high collars and finger gloves, protected down to their metal covered toes.

Almost every single bead was coupled, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the finger gloves or the knuckle rings, even the mesh tights had tiny beads sewn in, in twins. (wink) Black, white, silver and gold, it was all really simple, yet extremely theatrical and symbolic. Another season, another McQueen hit for me.

McQueen Fall 2013 details


#1 Appollonia on 03.07.13 at 6:43 am

Funny you mention Marie-Antoinette. I feel like a trouper ready to take the Bastille!

Haven’t watch this show yet……

#2 ana on 03.08.13 at 6:40 am

How not to like that ? It is breathtaking.
If you still didnt, please take a minute to check in the Alexander Mcqueen website how the catwalk looks are translated into the ready- to -wear collection. It is magical.
The clothes are the “same” but they are not. You MUST see…

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