Interview: Sarah Burton By Sarah Jessica Parker

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Remember I said something about this Interview issue and about its amazing content? Which included, as the Katy Perry cover announced it, a very special interview of Sarah Burton by Sarah Jessica Parker?

I read it! (and so can you, if you visit Interview’s website here) And it’s beautiful! It’s a beautiful interview about a beautiful woman, doing a beautiful work! Sarah Burton seems so gentle and modest and at the time she’s such a gifted designer and incredibly talented overall! Here’s a little fragment that pretty much sums what I feel about the house of McQueen:

[…] I think what’s amazing about McQueen and what was amazing about Lee was that he created this process where it was never really about fashion. It was always about a feeling and telling a story. And I think he sort of trained us all— trained me—to try to tell a story and to find a world that doesn’t necessarily relate to what everybody else is doing and to believe in your own instincts. And that went for everything. Lee really did believe in creating things that were unique to him and very special to the house. A lot of the prints and embroideries and jacquards are specifically designed not just for the collection, but for each garment.

Sarah Burton Interview magazine

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