Natalie Portman’s White Rodarte Wedding Dress

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Before letting go of what has involuntarily become Natalie Portman’s day here, let’s have a peak inside her big day! Natalie Portman’s white wedding dress was made by Rodarte.

And it looked pretty. Simple and pretty. The bride wore a wild flowers crown in her hair and the entire wedding revolved around vegan, natural and French. So if you’re considering a little Natalie & Benjamin Millepied’s like – wedding, here’s what you need: wild flowers that grow near your wedding venue, French macarons instead of wedding cake, all – vegan menu and lots of smiles & happy faces. Just look at those two (after the jump)!

Natalie Portman s white wedding dress by Rodarte

(Rodarte’s designers, Laura and Kate Mulleavy go way back with Natalie Portman – remember she used to wear their designs on the Red Carpet. But they were also the costume designers for the famously acclaimed Black Swan movie. The very movie set where Natalie Portman met her now – husband, Benjamin Millepied, who was the choreographer of the movie, also seen in few key ballet scenes. Also, if you look at the images below, you’ll see there’s a resemblance between the dress designed for the movie and Natalie’s wedding dress.) (the images were handpicked carefully from MTV, Rodarte, PeopleStyle and JJ)

Natalie Portman s white wedding veil and flowers crown

Natalie Portman s Benjamin Millepied wedding party Natalie Portman white Rodarte dress from Black Swan Natalie Portman white Rodarte dress Black Swan backstage


#1 ana on 08.07.12 at 1:45 pm

Im sure she is very happy and I wish them even more happiness but her dress (from this photo at least) looks horrid and unfit.
Like old dolls´ dresses.

#2 Riana on 08.08.12 at 7:07 am

I second ana’s old dolls’ dress verdict. Yes, it looks like that on other photos too. But being distracted by their radiant smiles I couldn’t care at all. Looked they didn’t notice they were caught :)

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