Have You Seen Lily Cole’s Rubber Jewelry Collection?

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Lily Cole is one of my favorite models ever. Her unique features and adorable gingerness have not yet been upstaged by any other model. Plus she took a break from modeling to get a higher education and now is involved with environmental causes? Chapeau!

Her latest doing is a jewelry line that would contribute to the salvation of the Amazonian forest. A collection made with wild rubber and metal designed by the model herself with prices ranging from $15 for a ring to $30 for a necklace. Each of the rings, earrings or necklaces are available in four different rubber colors and some of them are already sold out.

Lily Cole Jewelry rubber earrings necklace

When I first read the title, I thought they were going to look like those boring rubber bracelets with metal inserts, but oh, was I wrong! The brass finish and the overall minimalistic look of the collection makes it highly appealing and stylish and I wish Lily would pursuit her design initiatives even beyond this collection! (which is currently available through stylistpickdotcom)

eco conscious wild rubber jewelry collection by Lily Cole

Lily Cole rubber jewelry necklace

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