Daisy Lowe Plays Bonnie&Clyde For Lancaster Bags Ad Campaign

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Talking about Daisy Lowe: just when I thought she was under the fashion radar, there she goes, in the Fall 2013 ad campaign of the French bags company Lancaster. She’s playing the Bonnie to an American Clyde (Donny Lewis) for the stylish, slightly retro images shot by Guy Aroch.

There’s no chemistry, no engagement between the stars of the campaign and I wouldn’t have known there was a Bonnie&Clyde theme unless I read it beforehand in the press release. But I guess it’s all for the rejuvenating of the targeted customers and that’s where Daisy Lowe’s appeal kicks in, unpardonably pouty and perpetually unsatisfied.

Lancaster Fall 2013 ad campaign Daisy Lowe

The bags look lovely, at least the ones included in the campaign, and the normal silhouette of Daisy Lowe makes me forget about her distant attitude and pedigree which most certainly landed her this campaign more than anything else.

Daisy Lowe Donny Lewis Lancaster 2013 ad campaign

Bonnie and Clyde Lancaster 2013 Ad Campaign

Daisy Lowe bags Ad Campaign Lancaster

 Daisy Lowe Lancaster 2013 ad campaign

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