Marc Jacobs Designs Diet Coke Bottles. Finally!

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We may not agree on everything, but we do agree that Marc Jacobs is a fashion genius. Everything he puts on the catwalk sells out, spreads out. Instantly. Certainly.

It’s only natural that he assumes his newest mission, as a Diet Coke creative director with the highest expectations. Other fashion luminaries have done it before him but Marc was chosen for a very special edition: the 30th anniversary of Diet Coke! Thus he imagined a bottle for every decade, with different prints & different designs, three young ladies having all the fashionable fun of their times all in enjoying the privileges of Diet Coke.

Marc Jacobs Diet Coke Anniversary designs

Because, let’s face it, if Marc Jacobs does it (and so many designers did it before him), enjoying Diet Coke is a privilege. A very special and meaningful gesture of making the most, the best of everything.

Marc Jacobs Diet Coke Anniversary bottles

But following the latest bans imposed on sugar and sugar / soda drinks, falling for Diet Coke is not just a matter of fashion, it’s a matter of necessity and a healthier measure to adopt. Pepsi did it before Coca Cola, except they’re not using fashion designers to spread the word about their initiatives. I guess that’s just in our fashion-selves advantage to go Diet Coke hunting whenever there’s a new designer collaboration on the shelves! I don’t even care about the drink itself, I only care about its new clothes! My shallowness deems my fashionness!

Diet Coke bottles designed by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Diet Coke Anniversary campaign

Marc Jacobs Diet Coke ad

Marc Jacobs designed 3 bottles for Diet Coke 30th Anniversary

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#1 Ellington on 03.13.13 at 6:18 pm

They are rather fun but I do find it a shame that they are only Diet Coke. I loath diet pop! I do have one of the original ones with Manolo Blanhik and it is regular Coke. : ) It sits on my bookshelf.

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