Skinny Healthy Eating: Salad Dressing Revolutionary Tool

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It’s that wonderful season again when fresh garden vegetables make it into every meal of the day with their mad scents and crazy beautiful colors and awesomely tasty combinations! I don’t know if I ever told you this before but I’m a salad person. I could eat salad from dusk til dawn and not complain or miss the fries&deep fried chicken flavors. Okay, we also indulge in that kind of fried meals too, but I’m still a salad person 90% of the time.

As such, I keep my dressing all natural, with the mandatory ACV (apple cider vinegar) and extra virgin olive oil (salt and some parmiggiano where applied). But I sometimes stock out of the wonderful acv my Mother makes and just go on fresh lemon juice. Just as good. Almost. Howeverrr! it’s a drag when I have to squeeze that lemon into the salad – I end up with more than just lemon juice.

But look at this lil’ wonder my Adored Husband scooped for me the other day: the Lekue Citrus Sprayer looks like the answer to all my squeezing problems!

Healthy Skinny eating salad dressing tool

Not only looks fresh and pretty, but it’s also washing machine friendly! How can you not love this lil’ fellow? I wonder if any of you already tried it and if it really lives up to the hype. From where I stand, it seems like a must-have kitchen gadget! What say you, ladies?

salad dressing gadget

Lekue Citrus Spraying gadget


#1 Appollonia on 05.08.13 at 3:39 pm

Wannahave handsdown! I love great kitchen supplies who are useful and cute. Gonna ask around where I can this. The colours are nice, it’s so cute and handy. :)

Where I can I find a Wonder Man like yours? Thank him for this great tip ;)

#2 Appollonia on 05.08.13 at 3:44 pm

Correction: *Gonna ask around where I can find this*

Argh….I see another mistake….FB and it’s edit option….{rollseyes}

Anyway, this is awesome! Thank you and especially Adored Husband. :)

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