Sugarpova, Maria Sharapova’s Sweet Style

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Now that she’s ranked no. 2 in the world, Maria Sharapova is stepping up her fame game by launching her sweets brand: Sugarpova. Now I may be the only one who finds that a world-class athlete such as Maria Sharapova branding herself through sugar products is a bit too strange to digest, as I’m guessing her fans won’t say no to a bag of chewing gums shaped like miniature tennis balls.

But Sharapova is at the best moment to sell herself in her career so just because she was blessed with amazing physical genes won’t stop her from selling candy to anyone willing to buy (after all, her sugar brand is already 1 year old but these days we hear about it for the first time).

Sugarpova Maria Sharapova

And who knows, maybe do something practical with the profits earned like starring a tennis school somewhere or just helping kids get the training they need should they discover that this is their passion.

Maria Sharapova candies Sugarpova

Either way, it’s getting ever more interesting to observe our famous people, from every field, getting their hands dirty in the food industry. Fashion is not interesting anymore, food is the new black!

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