All-Time Best Super Bowl Commercial: Fashionista Daddy

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This is a fantastic commercial that costs $300 to make. And it was just shown during the Super Bowl commercial break! When CBS is charging $3.8 – 4 million for a 30 – second commercial!

That’s really a game changer since almost all the other commercials featured some heavy weight star. Or more. Oprah did Jeep (which I absolutely loved, by the way!). Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen and LeBron did Samsung (which looked like an improv. Not good). We already talked about Zoe Saldana and Stevie Wonder. So what’s up with Doritos then?

They actually had this competition just before the Super Bowl, opened to readers to vote which one of the commercials would make it into the grand finale. And this most adorable one made it. With an actual budget of $300 and a cast of millions! (that charming little bouncing angel you can see below is actually the producer’s – Nathan Scoggins – daughter.)

Doritos is actually Pepsico owned, so I guess they could’ve go freehand on that one since Beyonce, their main spokesperson was already booked for the Halftime performance. But what they did here, with Fashionista Daddy project, is way more interesting. They voiced the nation’s creativity. They made way for freedom. Of mind. Of expression!

Fashionista Daddy best Super Bowl commercial

And as we all know, fashion starts when you’re 5 and never quits you. All. Life. Long. So once a fashionista, always a fashionista. I don’t see how that mixes up with Doritos, but maybe with their new healthy initiative, Pepsico will actually become the healthiest junk food brand out there. At least for fashion’s sake?

Doritos Fashionista Daddy great Super Bowl commercial

Fashionista Daddy Super Bowl commercial Doritos

Fashionista Daddy mom crashes party

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