Healthy Eating: Fat Free & Gluten Free Salad

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Have you tried mixing a salad just because the colors go together well? I did and I came up with this salad I’m obsessed with for the past couple of days: my Fat Free & Gluten Free Rainbow Salad! Take a look below and tell me if the name fits!

I’ve developed an unknown allergy that’s keeping me busy itching for days. During those days (like now, for instance) I try to eat as healthy as possible, as allergen-free as possible. Which is really adventurous in an active household with four kids! But back to the salad!

colorful healthy salad

I started by throwing a couple of leaves in a plate. Generously added arugula as it’s my favorite and I was just about to sprinkle freshly squeezed lemon juice when I reached for the lemon I discovered there was none left. Now what? Looking down at the yellow plate with the frizzy greens I reached out my hand once more and discovered a red grapefruit.
Of course we still have those! Who in their right sweet mind would freely eat a bitter grapefruit?

what if…
Yes! Definitely! Peeling it and cutting it over the fresh greens. Looking so fancy with all that red!

healthy arugula salad mix

I sprinkled some raw sunflower seeds, cut some apple too and grated some organic fromage de chevre over my greens. Threw in a handful of unsweetened cornflakes because I love the extra crispiness they add to every byte; tossed everything together and put it on the dining room table. In case you’re wondering – no, I didn’t forget anything! My salad has no added salt or fat (no oils, no other seasoning).

arugula grapefruit mixed greens salad

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Yesterday, when I made this salad for the first time, I ate it so fast, I didn’t even have time to blink, let alone photograph the yummy plate! But today…

Today was different! I had my camera armed and ready to share this healthy concoction! Even if you won’t make it as such, some plates are worth photographing and sharing because they’re fabulous to look at (and take my word for it, it tastes even better than it looks)!

tastiest salad ever

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So now you know what’s keeping my fashion self busy styling food instead of clothes: some silly allergies with yet undetermined causes (yes, I’ve gone through almost every imaginable test and there was nothing conclusive to pick on). Did it ever happen to you?

fat free gluten free salad

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