Lagerfeld’s Chanel Public Garden Story: Fashion Morals Fable

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If there would be such a Razzie category, Lagerfeld’s Chanel Public Garden short fashion film would definitely be a favorite for the greatest Golden Raspberry reward in its category! I’m no movie maker specialist, but elementary logic elements make me watch this 4 minutes Chanel short film with my eyebrows raised high in complete and utter disbelief: does Karl Lagerfeld still maintain any contact with our current reality?

We all know he reads mountains of books and draws inhuman amounts of fashion collections (also signs countless collaborations, photographs evermore ad campaigns) but when it comes to reality, der Kaiser is well known for his incendiary wisdom. And that special wisdom must’ve been behind this wonderful piece of Chanel fantasy you can watch after the jump!

Brad Kroenig little Hudson Kroenig Chanel Public Garden

Starring Lindsey Wixson, Stef van der Laan, Aymeline Valade, Brad Kroenig and his 4yo son Hudson Kroenig (who also happens to be Lagerfeld’s godson and a model in Chanel’s fashion shows), this film is more about fashion nonsense than about good sense and moral values.

Chanel Public Garden Spring 2013 short film

Chanel short film Spring 2013

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#1 Appollonia on 01.25.13 at 6:02 pm

Two young pretty girls in Chanel can not distract a handsome man and father. Neither his cute son can get him off his philosophy reading and let him pay attention to the young ladies. Why not?
There’s this mysterious woman walking by. She’s obvious intelligent since she wears black and specs. Of course also everything is Chanel. And then it turns out she’s the handsome man’s pretty looking wife. The only one that can safe him from the rain. The handsome man has it all and can not be distracted.

Something like that must have been Karl’s script.

Karl promotes the good old fashioned family values his way dahlings!

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