5 Reasons Why H&M Holidays Campaign Is Better Than The Hilfigers

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What are your plans for the Holidays? Family and cozy are the feelings that go through your mind right now?

H&M has you covered (well, of course it has!) and their 2013 Holidays Ad Campaign is all about (imaginary) families, fun, fashion, cozy. And did I say fun already? Yeah, well – double that!

Alex Lubomirski photographed a handful of highly esteemed models, among which Christy Turlington, Doutzen Kroes, Sean O’Pry for an utterly fun lookbook styled by Robert Rydberg. The hair was done by Ben Skervin, makeup by Tyron Machhauser and nails by Lorrain Griffin.

I wanted to write something serious and haute illustrating the lack of originality as this campaign resembles Tommy Hilfiger’s The Hilfigers series. But I chose the fun card instead. After the break, I’ll break down the comparison H&M Holidays Campaign vs The Hilfigers in 5 easy, light steps but first press play to see the magic, right after the jump:

Holidays ad campaigns Hilfigers vs HM

{1} H&M has more commercial reach than Tommy Hilfiger

and that’s something nobody can deny (Tommy Hilfiger was bought in 2010 by the owner of Calvin Klein for $3Billion while H&M worth was estimated at $12Billion)

The Hilfigers college campaign

The Hilfigers

HM Holidays 2013 Ad Campaign everyone


{2} Cozy Holidays look more appealing than Smug Holidays

while H&M played it all on the wholeheartedly, witty fun for Holidays, The Hilfigers tend to take it oh-so-seriously with their preppy looks and smug attitudes that make me forget about the clothes all together and just want to fire a confetti cannon at them, just to see them react like humans and not like superior fashion beings.

The Hilfigers Ad Campaigns Playlist

Christy Turlington Liu Wen Doutzen Kroes HM Holiday campaign

Christy Turlington, Liu Wen, Doutzen Kroes for H&M

{3} Kids playing with books

is such a superior fashion move, it surpasses any other preppy activity The Hilfigers would ever engage themselves in!

The Hilfigers College

The Hilfigers

Kids HM Holidays ad campaign


Kids HM Holiday campaign


{4} Laughing and playing

everyone is doing that for H&M’s Holiday Campaign. And it looks so genuine! Nobody from The Hilfigers camp dares anything similar so they won’t ruin the makeup, outfit and – God forbid! – make it look any fun at all! Just smug smiles and simulated enjoyment.

Tommy Hilfiger The Hilfigers summer campaign

The Hilfigers

HM Holidays 2013 campaign red


Liu Wen Doutzen Kroes HM Holiday campaign

Liu Wen, Doutzen Kroes for H&M

{5} Christy Turlington

H&M has her. Game Over.

Christy Turlington Liu Wen HM Holiday campaign

Liu Wen, Christy Turlington for H&M

Not to overlook the other models from the campaign, such as the graceful Catherine Loewe, the beautiful Doutzen Kroes and the adorable Liu Wen, Cora Emmanuel, Tess Hellfeuer, and the boys: Sean O’Pry, Ryan Burns, Erik Andersson, Maximiliano Patane, Simon Sabbah, Marcel Castenmiller.

HM Holiday 2013 ad campaign


HM Holidays 2013 campaign men


HM Holidays 2013 ad campaign boys


Doutzen Kroes HM Holiday campaign

Doutzen Kroes for H&M

Doutzen Kroes Liu Wen HM Holiday campaign

Doutzen Kroes, Liu Wen for H&M

I want to make something clear, though: I loved ‘the hilfigers’ idea. It’s like a crazy well dressed version The Addams Family and The Royal Tennenbaums crashed together. I love the idea of continuity and slight irony of their seasonal stories (for instance, this year, they had one of The Hilfigers enter college) but that pales in comparison to Christy Turlington popping in for the Holidays party in a classic red convertible stuffed with gifts!

(oh, and H&M has no idea who I am and couldn’t care less whether I like their campaign or not, I wrote this story out of my own free will and filled it with sheer honesty admiration and enjoyment. However, should anyone from H&M stumble across this piece, please make the soundtrack of the campaign available – it’s addictive!)


#1 Diyana on 11.18.13 at 6:59 am

All to h&m! I love! J’ai succombé pour le pantalon orange de Tommy! But I prefer hnm ads

#2 kpriss on 11.18.13 at 11:20 am

I was actually trying to find Christy’s pants – the one she’s wearing when she initially joins the crowd, right after entering the door? I haven’t found them.. They’re black skinny with sheer panels on the front… They must be entering stores at an ulterior date?

#3 prince on 03.22.15 at 2:34 am

Its funny how H&M is compared/vs. to Tommy Hilfigers when both of the companies come from the same.

#4 kpriss on 03.23.15 at 10:28 am

actually, while the approach may seem similar, H & M stands from Hennes & Mauritz AB declined in six independent brands: H&M, COS, Monki, Weekday, Cheap Monday and & Other Stories.
Tommy Hilfiger’s parent company is the PVH Corp. Besides the TH brand, PVH also owns Calvin Klein, Van Heusen, IZOD, Arrow, Geoffrey Beene, BCBG Max Azria, Chaps, Sean John, Kenneth Cole New York, JOE Joseph Abboud and MICHAEL Michael Kors (thus spoke wiki)

#5 n on 10.15.15 at 12:50 pm

someone has waaay too much time on their hands

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