Superheroes Use Superformula Against All Evil! Amazing DC Comics Initiative!

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Now since I got started about motherhood and all… This was a no-keeper! I just had to share! We’re sometimes having the roughest of times explaining some medical concepts to our children. From birth to medication and death, kids are ever-so-curious about every existential detail! We always said we’d be honest with our kids and we’ll do our best to explain everything to them, with the best words and examples they can wrap around their tiny pretty heads!

But this totally blew me! Partnering up with Warner Bros., the advertising agency JWT and the A.C. Camargo Cancer Center from Sao Paulo, Brazil, a special super-campaign was initiated, especially designed and designated for the children who battle with cancer!

Superformula DC Comics partnership children cancer center Brazil

Chemotherapy is frightening even for full grown-ups, imagine how a child can take it! Transforming the chemo room interior into a Justice League room with specially designed comic books? And the best part? The chemo bags are hidden in these plastic capsules with the superheroes insignia on: Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern all tell their tales of courage, Superformula and constant battle with the evil cancer!

special edition DC Comics Heroes Superformula cancer treatment

What a wonderful initiative! I hope it spreads out and tells the tale of the Superformula to other children who need to believe there’s still hope and a chance to get better.

special comic book for hospital

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