Blake Lively’s Home Kitchen Style

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Remember when we used to speculate about Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively being together? Well, that was a loooooong time ago! We even had a good look at Blake’s wedding ring since and – although it’s so big as to outshine the moon, I’m certain that it was chosen this big so it won’t come off in the sink when doing the dishes.

Because – you see, Blake really loves spending time in the kitchen! More: she loves baking! The latest celebrity reports put her in an Elle Décor feature about La Cornue, oven makers extraordinaire.

Blake Lively home kitchen with La Cornue oven

It’s actually hard to believe that there’s no commercial retribution for this kind of appearance, so I’ll just go ahead and assume that not only she designer her new oven for her new house with her new husband (Ryan Reynolds) but she was also rewarded by the legendary oven makers, La Cornue, for her excellent choice. Which was, biensur, featured in an interior decoration magazine. Fancy much? It should, for a 6-7 figures oven! (I’m just curious – is there anything magic that these ovens can do? Or it’s just the hype?)

Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds home

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