Oz’ Mila Kunis Gemfields Jewelry Ad Campaign

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Talking about British – born gemstones reminded me of a beautiful – although also on the dreamy and sad side as well – picture of Mila Kunis who was announced as the new spokesperson for Gemfields, one of the world’s most renowned emerald safe producer, also known for their ‘mine to market’ strategy.

Mila, who is currently starring in Oz, The Great and Powerful, looks like a good fit for the new campaign photographed by Mario Sorrenti, styled by Anastasia Barbieri. Too bad she has to look this serious with that beautiful, unique piece of jewelry adorning her neck!

Mila Kunis jewelry Gemfields ad campaign

I wished I could’ve find more information about this new ad challenge Gemfields is engaged in, but sadly, safe mining doesn’t also guarantee one a safe internet ride as their website seems to contain some kind of malicious ware trying to bug my computer every time I try to pay a nice courtesy visit. (no, I will not provide you with the address, as I would not like your computers to get infected from whatever precious virus is hidden in that website!)

Mila Kunis Gemfields necklace 2013 ad campaign

Oh, well, I guess one can’t have them all, huh? Must be the competition’s doing, all jealous of Gemfield’s engaged ethical policies, what say you?

Mila Kunis campaign for Gemfields jewelry

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