Kate Winslet, Rock’n Roll Bride For Harper’s Bazaar UK April 2013

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Usually, Kate Winslet wouldn’t occupy the top position in my interests list, but I couldn’t help but notice her Harper’s Bazaar UK April 2013 cover. And that, my dahlings, is not even the cover’s photo merit!

It actually has to do with the cover’s tag line. The one announcing Kate Winslet as The Rock’n Roll Bride! Is that the fancy new way for celebrities to announce their wedding? With a magazine feature? Because Alex Lubomirski’s photo of Kate Winslet looks more on the dreamy side than on the ‘happy bride side’. But what do I know about rock’n roll brides anyway? I’m just a simple girl and I have my (fashion) simple pleasures…

Kate Winslet Rocknroll Harper s Bazaar April 2013 covers

Two covers are available for Harper’s Bazaar April 2013 issue, both of them showing Kate’s face in black and white. The portrait isn’t bad, per se. It’s just not original. And, mind you, not that rock’n roll! But I guess with a husband named Ned RocknRoll, one wouldn’t need to show it off that much!

Kate RocknRoll black and white Harper s Bazaar

Actually, from what I heard, the edgy feeling was supposed to come from a cigarette hanging out the corner of her mouth in pretty much every shot of the inside pictorial. And that is so borderline cliché, I’m surprised Kate Winslet even got through it!

Kate RocknRoll Harper s Bazaar April 2013 cover

This is, of course, Kate Rocknroll’s first married woman pictorial, as in her third married woman pictorial, having wedded Ned in question (formerly known as Abel Smith) in a very private ceremony in December 2012. I guess we’ll have to be thankful Harper’s didn’t go for a ‘Virgin Kate’ kind of title, after all, Ned is Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson nephew and head of the Galactica program…

Kate RocknRoll black and white Harper s Bazaar April 2013 cover

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