Dare To Wear The Wooden Jewelry By Evrt Studio?

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Spring is coming. Well, at least if we’re to believe the calendar, that is. If we’re looking out the window, not so much. But that’s no real reason to stand back and let the cold get to you! Here’s what I found to lighten you up: charming wooden jewelry from Evrt Studio!

Little branches, cuffs, all pretty, natural, customizable that’ll bring spring in your jewelry box, in your home and on your very neck. That’s right – wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a colorful piece of spring with you at all times? I just love natural fibers and fun tidbits like these lil’ branches over here!

branch necklace

Designed by Lori and Brian Everett from Evrt Studio in 2012, the branch and forest necklaces are simple woodsy laser-cut pieces embellished with pretty colorful twine on those delicate branches hanging on a sterling silver chain. Spring who?

the branch necklace the forest necklace Evrt studio

And how about those cuffs, huh? They come in two colors – natural honey and black, you can also customize them with twine or other colors, or just wear them as they are, dare to welcome the nature in. Your home, your jewelry box, your wrists, your neck. (would that bring Spring back, I wonder? Coz we really need Spring. Please?)

white forest necklace by EVRT studio

wood cuff by EVRT Studio

wood black cuff by EVRT Studio

forest necklace by EVRT studio

wood branch necklace by EVRT studio

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