Prada New Real Fantasies Fashion Film

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Prada is not only promoting great fashion, but also avant-garde fashion films. And try as I may, I simply can’t go against the flow anymore so I’ll simply let the avant-garde wave swim me to the sweet, warm fashion peace shore. Where everybody just loves everybody and praises everybody and their dogs in the name of fashion. What? I said I’ll try! We’ll see how long I can resist the trippy mood!

Prada Real Fantasies. The name alone is so original, it was first used in 2011. In another Prada (original) Real Fantasies. Remember this one? or this one? Yes, that was it. Now, another season, another session of Real Fantasies, just hit the jump to watch it!

Prada Real Fantasies Fashion Film

AMO teamed up (once more) with Miuccia for this special multidisciplinary project involving collages, painted, hand-drawn shapes, cinematic sequences which reveal ‘conflicting attitudes in a series of intimate and social situations’. Yeah. I can totally see the conflicting phone-conversation and umm… the conflicting socks-like-shoes and ummmm… no, I totally get this, let me just watch it once more? I’m a simple girl, I can only go as far as decrypting H&M commercials… pffff!

Prada Real Fantasies Fashion Film advertising 2013

But I do admire and bow before Miuccia’s constantly inspiring fashion trips! I just wish I knew what she’s cooking so I can partake in her real fantasies (wink).

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