Vanessa Paradis Fashion Consciousness With H&M

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We’ve heard little about Vanessa Paradis after her saddening split for Johnny Depp. Now we have H & M to thank for bringing her back into the spotlight again. Starting this upcoming March, the new H&M Conscious Collection will be available in store to alleviate the pains of your guilty shopping conscience!

(does it? Does buying ‘green’ fashion make you feel like you’re spending less? I keep seeing green fashion offerings almost everywhere and they look like normal items only with an increased price and a fancy label reading conscious – something. So I came to the conclusion that this is just another commercial trick trying to get you into the same ol’ buying game!)

Vanessa Paradis H M Conscious Collection 2013

Back to Vanessa Paradis: she’s the new face of H&M Conscious and she said she’s doing this because ‘vintage is very much part of my wardrobe. I love the style and it works in an eco – friendly way because I like to use and reuse old clothes.’. Whatever sells, Vanessa, whatever sells!

Vanessa Paradis H M Conscious campaign 2013

H M Conscious Collection 2013 Vanessa Paradis

H M Conscious Collection dress and tunic

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