Dare To Wear 3D Print Jewelry By Goncalo Campos?

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I’d like to present you with a special set of jewelry, today! They come all the way from sunny Portugal and they were made by a very talented object designer, Goncalo Campos who is also behind charming furniture designs.

The concept here is pretty simple: the jewelry is shape – based. 3D prints and geometric shapes and edges transformed into aesthetic decorations such as bracelets and rings. The 3D printing is a special technological process widely used in industrial design, jewelry design, architecture, engineering and so forth.

3D print jewelry Goncalo Campos

There’s practically no limit to the 3d printing design technology – only the imagination sets the boundaries of what is created using this technique. For Goncalo Campos, it’s all about fractures, surfaces and angles. His first registered 3D print jewelry item was made in 2010 and it was actually a cardboard disposable bracelet: the Oly paper bracelet.

3D print paper bracelet by Goncalo Campos

3D print Oly bracelet by Goncalo Campos

Next came a series called ‘Comion Jewelry’ also made using the 3D printing technology, much slicker than the previous Oly paper bracelet. Rings came to complete the series, in a varied choice of materials.

Comion Jewelry by Goncalo Campos

Comion Jewelry sets by Goncalo Campos

The latest in Goncalo Campos’ jewelry box is the Sticks jewelry series. Just as the name suggests it, these new jewels look like bent and stitched together sticks. The texture itself was conceived in a similar grain to the wood grain, also in the same ‘sticks’ idea.

sticks jewelry by Goncalo Campos

sticks jewelry set by Goncalo Campos

Having being introduced to the wonderful world of Goncalo Campos’ jewelry – my question for you is would you ‘dare to wear’ his creations?

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