Bella Swan’s Jewelry Now At Bed Bath & Beyond!

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If you’re looking for a very Twilight Christmas present, look no further than Bed Bath & Beyond. Because that’s where you’ll find Bella Swan’s engagement ring. Or Edward Cullen’s Cullen Crest ring. Or The Wolf Pack jewelry.

And to make it more appealing, whoever is behind this ‘Fine Jewelry’ collection that’s supposedly ‘Honoring the Twilight Love Story’ thought about making two versions for almost each item in the Twi – range: one posh, one not. For instance, Bella’s Engagement Ring in silver & white topaz is available for $150 while the 14k gold & diamond version is $3,300. What? You’ll have all the eternity to pay for that four – figures engagement ring!

Bella s Twilight Engagement Ring available

Normally, I would’ve raised my eyebrows reading these lines (and even more while reporting the story) but I just found a piece of interesting news about a young woman who wants to marry a Robert Pattinson cardboard silhouette? So, really, Bella’s engagement ring knockoff is pretty down to earth and normal in the circumstances!

Twilight jewelry collection

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