Twilight’s Bella Swan’s Wedding Dress Replica Looks Just Like The Original

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I may have told you before that I knew nothing of the Twilight saga previous to the making of the Twilight movies. Which can be good and bad. Also, we’re purposely not watching any trailers prior to watching the actual movie (that’s for any movie, not just Twilight). So we can see the movie for the first time and get an impression first hand, not from the too commercial teasers.

And this is how we went to see Twilight’s Breaking Dawn part one. I’m aware that most of the reviews are negative and I may get some raised eyebrows for saying this, but I stand by my belief: it was beautiful! Kristen Stewart really played her part and she was great at it! I’m not a Twi hard, not a fan, but not an all round pretentious movie – consumer. Now before rushing into any spoilers myself, I’ll get straight to the subject: Bella’s wedding dress! These are some fragments, details of the dress she was wearing in the movie (yes, I realize it’s hard to tell from the pictures below, but these are the only ones I found). Click through to discover the replica!

Bella Swan s Wedding Dress back cut lace sleeve bouquet

As we were told, Bella’s wedding dress was designed by Carolina Herrera.The design itself was very faithful to the written word, as the designer met and consulted with the (T)writer, Stephanie Meyer. A simple, white, long dress with lace sleeves and a very plunging cut out back with lace detailing and buttons running down. I was really surprised to see how dramatic the back cut was! After all, it was the back that saved the dress. In the movie, it was all covered with the dress – long simple veil: smart move, as those who attended the wedding ceremony could look at something else other than Bella’s exposed back.

Twilight Bella s wedding dress replica

Now about the replica: signed by Alfred Angelo, Twilight’s Bella wedding dress replica is exactly like the one designed by Carolina Herrera and worn by Bella Swan in the wedding sequence. Can you tell the differences? (oh, and the replica can be yours for $799)

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A very beautiful wedding dress

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