Is That A Wedding Ring On Miley Cyrus’ Finger?

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My dahlings! You know we usually do Family & such during the weekend and even if this comes a bit later than usual, I think it’s a good start for the new month. (have a wonderful Fall, everyone!)

Browsing through the latest pictures with the ever – so – busy famous ones, I came across a piece of news showing Miley Cyrus getting her Starbucks fix and hiding under an olive green hat. Nothing new there, since she’s always complaining about her new wild haircut getting more attention that she gets.

But wait! What’s that on her ring finger? There where her rocky engagement ring usually sparkles? Does that look like a wedding band to you? Because it sure looks like one from where I’m standing! Is this Miley Cyrus’ wedding ring? And if so, when and where did the wedding take place and how come we have no pictures from the happy event?

UPDATE: Following a specific letter from a giant media entity, I was forced to modify this story and upload another picture showing Miley amd Liam walking together in September 2012 and another picture, published by Miley herself on her Twitter account, showing what seems to be a wedding band on her ring finger. Thank you for understanding.

is that Miley Cyrus wedding ring

Miley Liam together September 2012

Miley Cyrus tweeting picture with wedding ring

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