Miley Cyrus New Short Haircut

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While every bride – to be dreams of long hair for her big day, Miley Cyrus, who is currently engaged to be married with her longtime boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, is swimming against the flow. Miley just took the Twitter way to let everybody know that she cut her hair short. Really short!

I know that her pretty face can take any haircut, long or short, and that she can have extensions to make that wedding long hair reality, but… Miley Cyrus’s new short haircut is… (you finish that sentence, I fear I may be getting to harsh! Oh, and just in case you want to get a similar cut, you should fix an appointment with Chris McMillan, Miley’s hairstylist responsible for this hairmess… ahem haircut. More images to sustain my point of view after the jump, in the gallery!)

Miley Cyrus new short haircut

Miley Cyrus hairstylist Chris McMillan

Miley Cyrus making faces with her new haircut

Miley Cyrus showing her new haircut and her hairstylist

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