Creative Paper Wedding Dresses From Unusual Materials

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Weddings are always different but oddly identical in their true essence. What can really be done differently? The place, the colors, the arrangements, the theme, the dress! Oh, the dress! One of the most exciting and agonizing moments in a wedding’s road to reality, the wedding gown is one of the most interesting and contradictory items.

Many brides want to keep their wedding low-key and discrete while a large number of future brides really want to look like princesses that ‘big day’. Get it? The Big day – the big dress? (I started this story with a brief infographic about the mythical white wedding dress, I hope you enjoy it!)

the wedding dress facts

What is the wedding dress, after all? It’s a festive attire for a festive occasion which takes a myriad of shapes (although I think the strapless mermaid silhouette is the most popular) and manifestations shaped by history, social culture, myths and beliefs. It is a dress that can be either worn once and then packed/sold/given away for a lifetime or it can actually be worn again. It all depends on the tastes and, biensur, the circumstances!

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It’s hard to understand, at times, when some people loudly speak against the institution of marriage ‘oh! It’s just a piece of paper!’ when others go out of their way to make a wedding so memorable by wearing a dress they can hardly breathe, walk, dance or sit in! (don’t even get me started about the wedding shoes!). So for those who often say that a marriage is just a piece of paper, why not wear a bride’s dress made of paper also?

wedding paper dress from toilet paper

Julie Haas designer a perfect wedding dress from toilet paper for a contest

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Two types of such gowns stick with me for a while now: a wedding dress made of toilet paper – part of an actual competition at its 10th edition, this particular toilet paper wedding dress would hardly giveaway its fabric with such astounding looks! The roses on the skirt are so fabulous and so perfectly matched to entire ensemble that it seems almost couture-worthy and not drain-worthy. Each rose took about 15 minutes to finish while the entire dress needed 200 hours to put together.

A second paper wedding dress which caught my eye in particular, is one that was made of divorce papers. The clever work of art was signed by a student who must’ve had something to express through her most unusual creation. A paper statement for a paper. How becoming! This gown took 10 hours to make (the irony! a toilet paper wedding dress takes 200 hours to make while a dress made of 1,500 divorce papers can be done 20 times faster).

paper wedding dress made from divorce papers

art student Demi Barnes created this dress using 1,500 divorce papers in 10 hours time

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