Simple, Stylish Tips On How To Effortlessly Dress For The 4th Of July!

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Showing your flag colors and getting all stars&stripes may be easier and more fashionable than you think! Do it or over-do-it, here’s a simple plan you can follow year after year for casual or dressy occasions to help you celebrate a stylish 4th of July (or any other National Day)!

1. Wear the Flag!

While that may seem a bit too cliché for some fashionistas, it’s really old-school charming and by far the most effective look for the occasion! Choose a print or a t-shirt, shirt or skirt, pair it with something neutral or every-day use (like jeans shorts or a simple tank top)!

4th of July outfits tips

4th of July outfits wear the flag

choose to wear the National Flag in a fun and cool way like model Agyness Deyn (far right)

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2. Wear the Colors!

Blue, red and white can come in a variety of look options (and apply to a handful of national flags too). It’s really easy and catchy and works in many combos – red skirt/pants/shorts or red top/jacket with a white or blue top, throw it together and you get a cool national colors look that you can wear in a multitude of other occasions too!

4th of July outfits wear the colors

choose the blue-red-white colors combo for classic outfits like Reese Witherspoon (far right)

3. Wear Stripes or Stars!

Stripes are so fashionable, really a timeless chic option you definitely must have in your wardrobe! You can concoct an all-striped mix or a cocktail or stars and stripes and they’ll look costumey and girly fun. It’s also a safe way to recycle the look, especially for nautical-themed outfits you can wear throughout the warm season!

4th of July outfits wear stars and stripes

chic stripes and cool stars can make amazing 4th of July staple pieces for any outfit, like Taylor Swift’s (far right)

4. Wear the Flag on your Head!

Sounds a bit strange, but when you think of it, it’s actually the cutest way to go National and festive at the same time. There’s no age limit for that one and you can coordinate and have as much fun with headgear as possible! (National themed accessories are a go too – belts, scarves, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anything goes as long as you wear it in fun way!)

4th of July outfits wear the flag headband

nothing gets you more festive for 4th of July than a cool headband, just ask Miley Cyrus! (far right)

Hopefully you found a helpful idea and a timeless option to go National and celebrate! All the images included in this story were carefully handpicked to sustain the point, if you know the rightful owner, please add it in the comments section for proper crediting, thank you!

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