Frozen Wedding Style Inspiration

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Happy New Year! Starting this New Year with something so different and so exciting for Stylefrizz: a Style Challenge! Giving the season, the fashion and the personal approach to this Wedding Styling opportunity, I went for a Frozen-like vision.

I’m a girly girl at heart and I have such a soft spot for ruffles and kiddies, I made that a significant part of this Frozen Wedding Style! And although it’s a perfect match for a Winter Wedding, I would definitely see it (with minor accessories tweaks) as a Summer Beach Wedding as well! I’ll show you what I thought of and you let me know what you think about my Frozen bridesmaids in the comments section, ok?

wedding style inspiration winter and summer

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The way I see it, a wedding is a capital reason to party! Celebrating the wonderful union of two people who love and cherish each other, dancing and laughing with them, it’s unmissable! Thusly, the bridesmaids dresses need to be roomy, comfy and ready to party! Whilst there are ladies who only favor maxi gowns, shorter bridesmaids dresses are youthful and very dance-floor friendly! I browsed endless galleries of bridesmaids dresses for inspiration, something you need to try for yourself, to find the exact style and color that suits you best!

Frozen themed winter wedding inspiration

this beautiful ruffled dress available here goes perfectly with the gorgeous Stuart Weitzman silver sandals which are available here while the silver Loeffler Randall silver flats are available here

I would definitely go for a ruffled ensemble for bridesmaids and flower girls! The more the merrier! I’m taking a moment to emphasize the importance of flower girls and bridesmaids at a wedding: I know some brides love to be surrounded by their best friends as bridesmaids but if you consider that a wedding is a party not just for you, as a bride, but also for everyone else who’s participating, it’s ok to make more people feel special and involve as much as you can in the actual process! Just imagine a flock of happy little girls throwing petals on your way to the altar? Isn’t it a pretty picture?

flower girls wedding style

don’t forget to match your flower girls to the wedding mood: for little girls, a gorgeous ruffled cascade available here and for older girls, a lovely maxi dress available here, for both ages a single pair of silver ballet flats from Melissa available here

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Moving on to the actual looks – since we took the dress out of the way, let’s focus on the accessories! For such a ruffled dress, I strongly recommend accessories that don’t stick out and aren’t too embellished. A simple silver-satiny clutch, a pair of silver sandals which you can always switch with a pair of silver ballet flats and a silvery belt. You can always gift your bridesmaids and your flower girls a lovely pearl necklace, to complete their look!

bridesmaids jewelry winter or summer wedding

accessorize your bridesmaids looks with a pearl necklace available here and simple pearl earrings available here

Little girls only need silver ribbons or white and silver headbands and silver ballet flats and braided hair for a complete Elsa-like look or hair on their shoulders for a natural look. If it’s really cold outside, everyone could use a (faux) fur white bolero, even a (faux) fur white hat – they’re so cute! Oh, and don’t forget the bouquets and the nails – I scooped up some fabulous snowflake bouquets for the bridesmaids and Frozen-inspired nails!

fabulous bridesmaids winter wedding bouquet

how fabulous is this winter-themed bouquet from the etsy boutique Bridal Bouquets by Ky

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I know I said something about using this styling for both winter and summer weddings, so whilst the above can be use especially for a Frozen-themed winter wedding, only a couple of tweaks are necessary to make this wedding style perfect for beach weddings. Changing the silver accessories for golden ones (clutches, belts, shoes and hair accessories), adding flowers in the hair is enough to bring out the bohemian chic in this styling! However, if you’re doing an ocean-themed wedding, you can always keep the silvery accessories, as to evoke the foamy waves and the sparkly crushed shells.

summer beach wedding inspiration

changing the mood to an aqua-gold beach summer wedding with an equally ruffled dress (1), you’ll need a pair of (2) golden high heels, (3) golden flats from Loeffler Randall available here and a cute pair of (4) Melissa golden flats for your flower girls

Talking about beach, shells and pearls – again, another stunning bouquet for bridesmaids (or even for a bride, why not?) made of pearls, echoing the ocean theme oh-so-perfectly! Don’t forget to match the nails to the looks with these fabulous glitter ombre nails, made of beach waves and crushed sand!

perfect wedding bouquet summer beach wedding

beautiful pearly bouquet from the exclusive etsy Bridal Bouquets by Ky

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