Dreams Are Made Of: Hermes Birkin Bag, Apple Laptop, Chanel Chain Bag

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You may have some idea about what “living the Hollywood dream” may be. But Lindsay Lohan is willing to break it…ahem Tweet it to us directly: my dahlings! If you want to live the dream life, all you need is a Hermes Birkin Bag, an Apple laptop and a Chanel mini cross body bag.

Oh, and also you need to travel by private jet! Ah, Twitter wisdom! There’s nothing quite like it, huh?

Lindsay Lohan most precious possessions

This, however, is just one of Lindsay Lohan’s Birkin bags as the young troubled starlet owns several arm candy from the French fashion house. The same goes for her Chanel chain bag which can be spotted in this picture next to the pink Birkin.

Lindsay Lohan Hermes handbags

Lindsay Lohan owns several Hermes handbags, one more colorful than the next

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Interesting enough, Lindsay’s laptop has a weird sticker reading ‘Please Me’ on its case. Whatever that means, it must hold a capital significance with the star since it’s there in the ‘fighting to live your dreams’ illustration. Something must’ve been on LiLo’s mind as she was heading to the New York Fashion Week with the most coveted labels in tow…

Lindsay Lohan Chanel bag Hermes bag

the Chanel shoulder bag and the pink Hermes are Lindsay’s blessed possessions

Or perhaps her sudden Twitter wisdom urge was influenced by her recent interpretation of Elizabeth Taylor in ‘Liz and Dick’ and she just started feeling more glamorous and blessed with ‘highlife’ that can be simply reduced to ‘bag, laptop, mini messenger and airplane traveling’. Quite the simple, blessed life! Granted, the pink Hermes costs somewhere in the vicinity of $30,000, but since Lindsay is spending more time (and money) in the courtroom than she is on film sets it’s easier to see her $-wisdom…

pink Hermes Ostrich Handbag

detailed view of the Hermes Birkin pink ostrich leather bag as owned by Lindsay Lohan

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#1 ana on 09.15.12 at 9:08 am

Wearing stolen jewelry and being barred from Chateau Marmont.
There. I fixed it for her.

#2 Riana on 09.16.12 at 8:28 am


That’s all……:D

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