The Bridge’s Diane Kruger’s $10,000 Chanel Bag, Drinking Stories And More

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TV is the new black. If you have any doubts about that, just think ‘Homeland’ ‘Modern Family‘, ‘Breaking Bad’ or more recently ‘Ray Donovan’, ‘The Bridge’ and all the dazzling teasers of this fall’s series.

The Bridge is the talk of the day. While we used to have an iconic TV series every two years or so (HBO used to be leading the iconic pack), nowadays an iconic series every month or so is to be expected. I have watched several episodes from The Bridge and still didn’t decide if this will be my next must watch show. Should it ever become so, Diane Kruger is to blame.

Her trendsetting value, her selfmade fashionista principles and style convictions made a Kruger believer out of me! The images below will only showcase a handful of instances from Diane Kruger’s on and off the spotlight’s magic eye, feel free to become a Krugliever yourself and scoop deeper!

The Bridge Diane Kruger casual professional style

Diane’s character in ‘The Bridge’, Sonya, is not so much about fashion and style but about perspective and approach. Her interpretation is convincing and natural, much in Kruger’s own frame. However, ‘knowing’ Diane from her paparazzi episodes or Red Carpet glitz and glam reports, it’s difficult to see her wearing all that shapeless, genderless wardrobe. Thus making ‘The Bridge’ a challenge a part for us, fashionistas.

Diane Kruger fashionable style

Who would, looking at this flawless case of casual wear exemplified by Diane, dare take her as a gauche tomboy? The mariniere, casual jeans, And high heels perfect combo topped with that cherry red Plexiglas Chanel cross body bag is my idea of perfect outfit for a casual day and more (except that the minaudiere in question costs around $10,000).

Diane Kruger s Chanel minaudiere

Her late night drinking pal is none the other than Karl Lagerfeld, also her neighbor in Paris (which makes her $10k bag not so difficult to obtain. With a special neighbor discount, I imagine). Her boyfriend is Peter Bishop… ahem Joshua Jackson. She’s starring in movies and fashion ad campaigns/magazines pictorial with the same ease and appeal. A walk on the Red Carpet is just as natural as a walk on the grocery store‚Äôs alley, so what’s not to like about Diane Kruger? (would you watch a TV series just because Diane is in it?)

Diane Kruger boyfriend Joshua Jackson red carpet


#1 Appollonia on 08.06.13 at 3:12 pm

The small screen has become far more interesting than it ever has been. Since some time it’s bye, bye boring Hollywood blockbusters for me.

These days I have a serious series addiction. It’s that bad that I believe daily one is on! Some are at the end of the season others just started. And many great actors banned by Hollywood feast my eyes in these series. Ah, what a joy. The Bridge is already on my wish list. Diane is a good actress and nicely dressed and well groomed off screen. :)

Are you sure Karl is a late-night-drinker-neighbour? ;)

#2 kpriss on 08.06.13 at 11:19 pm

that’s what Diane said in an interview… Diet Coke can do that to a person lolz!

#3 kpriss on 08.06.13 at 11:20 pm

(oh, you should definitely see Ray Donovan! Liev Shrieber is brilliant in it and my Adored Husband is hooked on this new series!)

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