Alice Dellal, The Bag, The Horse & The Man: The New Chanel Boy Bags Campaign

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Karl Lagerfeld found inspiration in Coco Chanel’s life when he conceived the new Boy Chanel Ad Campaign – in Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel’s love for horses. What’s a girl without her bag? Especially when the bag in question is a Chanel?

And what’s a girl without her man? Especially when it references Coco’s paramours, Arthur ‘Boy’ Capel. And last but not least, what’s a girl without her horse? We’re in 2013, dahlings. Good $-fortunate people like to keep their equestrian ways still. For image purposes.

Alice Dellal Chanel Boy Bags Ad Campaign 2013

Jake Davies, Alice Dellal, some random gorgeous white horse and a handful of Chanel Boy Handbags for the Spring Summer 2013 campaign as photographed by Karl Lagerfeld. A black and white story of young love and pouting, of passion and fashion.

Alice Dellal black white Chanel Boy Bags Ad Campaign 2013

While I still don’t feel Alice Dellal’s appeal, I believe Karl’s thirst for unusual inspiration must have found some kind of satisfaction in her young rebel ways. Rejuvenating Chanel takes some desperate measures and Alice is the right dose of desperation without cause. For now. Maybe for his next fix, Karl will round up the female prisoners looking for some seriously desperate deliquents.

2013 Chanel Boy bags campaign Alice Dellal

Alice Dellal Chanel Boy bags new ad campaign 2013

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