Lindsay Lohan Incredibly Accurate Trash Portrait By Jason Mecier

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You often read me say how disappointed I am of the new entertainment generation, of how alienating, disturbing and shallow much of it can be. Many times over you read my thoughts on how the media works in inoculating the superficial and the non-important into the everyday routine, making a point of interest of what has a trash level or importance.

Well, today I finally found a piece of Lindsay Lohan news worthy of praise: a portrait of Lindsay Lohan made by Jason Mecier from trash. Literally. Objects found and collected, arranged and styled in a very accurate depiction of Lindsay Lohan’s face, botoxed lips and all! I can’t take my eyes off it and I really believe that Jason Mecier is one great contemporary artist!

Lindsay Lohan outstanding portrait from trash

He spent 50 hours on this rendition of LiLo using all kinds of objects from Q-Tips to cigarette buds and mobile phones. Of course he stated upfront that he’s a big fan of Lindsay, assuring us all that this portrait is ‘all in fun’!

Lindsay Lohan trash portrait by Jason Mecier

I don’t doubt that for a second: Lindsay Lohan’s trash portrait looks as real as it looks fun to me. Just for the comparison’s sake, Taylor Swift’s portrait was made – by the very same Jason Mecier – out white and pink candy.

outstanding Taylor Swift candy portrait by Jason Mecier


#1 Appollonia on 04.06.13 at 10:57 am

I did skip reading trash since a while. My only guilty pleasure is Daily Fail. I stick though to the right column and hardly click on their ‘articles’. What do I care about another celeb’s ‘perfect pins’, another ‘coffee run’ by a perfect celeb family or a ‘perfect whatever’. Or the other way around the ‘disheveled looks of whoever’.
Life’s of someone like La Lohan? It brings me nothing positive, nothing substantial. Nothing that enrich my life in any way.

I admit I liked it at first and had also fun but over the years it has began to sickening me. Why did I read that sh*t? I’d never bought gossip magazines anyway. Except sometimes on holidays in the UK. Curiosity though. But’s all a waste of time….

#2 ana on 04.06.13 at 12:42 pm

Appollonia – The Daily Mail, my morbid obsession :-(
I cant believe I spend time reading it only to lose all hopes on humanity.

I like this picture. If Lohan was cool as she intend to be she would buy and hang it in her living room.
She will never get a better portrait of herself.

#3 Appollonia on 04.06.13 at 2:57 pm

ana, I have to agree. You are right. The portrait is great and it’s also fun. And Kpriss was right to bring this to our attention.
I got carried away the wrong way…:)

Morbid obsession? Well, I’d click on article today at that website. About a Dutch guy who killed a British woman in India. I read it all. How morbid is that. Pretty morbid methinks ;)

#4 Jessie on 05.20.13 at 11:48 pm

Morbid curiousity – the thrill of staring into the void (of whatever sort)…we all have it…along with the subsequent self-loathing :)

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