Mysteriously Feminine Fashion: Fall 2013 Hermes Collection

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If you’re having a hard time dealing with leather after having discussed Stella McCartney’s show, I completely understand. But it’s absolutely impossible to dig into the Hermes fashion issue without carefully inspecting the leather details.

And there was a lot of leather in the Fall 2013 Hermes collection, and not all of it concentrated in accessories. Leather clothing, leather details on various clothing items. It was all there, for eyes delight and our next wardrobe reference.

colors bags bracelets Hermes Fall 2013

As we already got used to, there were only pops of colors here and there: red, blue and some pale earth tones without counting the all – too – present black, white and grey.

colors Fall 2013 Hermes collection

Digging deep into Hitchcock’s Rebecca for inspiration, as the reviewers noted, Lemaire’s new collection was as haunted by the Hermes horse riding free spirit more than it was retrained by the fall’s somber trends. Just like Rebecca kept haunting the living, so will the Hermes legacy animate the deep dark fashion depths of the next fall season.

dark Fall 2013 Hermes collection

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