Are Chanel Bags So Iconic As To Buy And Carry Chanel’s Flask Bag?

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My dahlings! As we all agree upon certain items as being iconic and representative for their brand or their customer, I wanted to discuss the matter of Chanel handbags, and more specifically about Chanel’s new Sporran Flask Bag.

It was released with Chanel’s Scotland inspired Pre-Fall 2013 collection and now, as more details about its price are available, my eyebrows went up in disbelief: two versions are available of which the small one retails for $3,625 and the larger one for $4,775. For and item that would make its wearer hint at drunken habits!

new Fall 2013 Chanel bag Chanel Flask Bag

Would it really surprise you to know that Chanel is actually late in joining the flask fashion game? The lovely ladies from PurseBlog revealed that Louis Vuitton and Hermes issued their respective flask bags versions a couple of seasons before Lagerfeld decided to drawn inspiration from the Scottish for his Pre Fall 2013 season.

Fashion flask bags Vuitton and Hermes

Of course now I feel like I’ve overreacted, but then again, it is my perspective and I’m generally known for freely speaking my mind, against all trends and odds. The flask, as it were, back in the day was intended for alcohol and was specifically designed to fit in a trouser pocket located near the hip (hence the hip flask name). Given that the malaria was treated with quinine and a sip of gin would make it more bearable to ingest, I can understand why the flask became so popular back in the 18th century, propelling the ever popular gin tonic further to our days.

Chanel Fall 2013 Flask bag

But as in present times addictions are none the popular than the malaria itself, I have to ask myself again and again why fashion is so strongheaded about promoting the bad habits. Smoking, illegal substances intakes, even drinking or eating disorders, so many wrongs keep lining behind walls of sequins and glitter. How long until we clean the (fashion) house?

new bag trend Chanel Flask bag

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