Dare To Wear Alex And Ani’s Positive Energy Jewelry?

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I found this stack of bracelets (below) the other day and I thought it was lovely! I generally don’t wear bracelets as I have to move all the time, at all times, and I feel like they’re holding me down (I think it’s a thing all Gemini experience – you know I’m a complete summer child!)

Anyway, in those few, rare occasions my Adored Husband takes me out for a romantic night out (sigh – daydreaming!), I get to wear (one) makeup, (two) nice clothes, (three, but only on occasion) high heels and finally (four, that too on occasions) jewelry (other than my wedding ring and my usually always the same earrings). Well, whenever (four) happens, I stack on dangling bracelets and / or hang some chandelier earrings or giant hoops and I feel more or less like Santa’s ride. I make a sound with every breath I take! But I love it (blushing).

Now about Alex and Ani (finally!) – the stack of bracelets I found as created by Carolyn Rafaelian, owner of Alex and Ani is said to focus on positive energy. What is that, anyway? Hit the jump and find out!

great stackable bracelets Alex and Ani

First thing that impressed me, beyond the beautiful design (which would normally be enough as it is) is that all the pieces of jewelry from Alex and Ani’s collections are made from recycled metals, all refined and produced in the United States! I love it that they’re made to empower and enlighten the wearer beyond their beautifying purposes!

Alex and Ani gipsy bracelets

I’m in love! I voluntarily stopped going through their website because it was just too much to handle for a stay at home mom of four! Even Christy Turlington is a fan! That’s it! Too much. Right there! Watch the video below and you’ll feel the positive energy in the air! Check out Alex and Ani’s beautiful jewelry here and … have a wonderful, wonderful day overall!

Christy Turlington wearing stackable Alex and Ani bangles

stack em gold bangles

Alex and Ani bangles with paw charm Alex and Ani the Alfie Wrap Alex and Ani stackable charms bangles

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